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my favorites

i thought i'd post some lesser known (but amazing!!) albums here

fly - fly
a sick chordless jazz trio...mark turner on alto, larry grenadier on bass, and jeff ballard on drums. this is really exploratory jazz, sometimes with a funky/worldbeat feel. "fly mr. freakjar" is goood.

scott amendola band - cry
this is one of my favorite albums, full of jazz, folk, avante-garde, african, fusion, funk, influences. scott is also one of my favorite drummers-he's played with charlie hunter along with countless others. check out the track "a cry for john brown" or, the very relevant bob dylan cover, "masters of war." BUY THIS ALBUM!!!

john coltrane - crescent
i only recently got this album, and it's already one of my favorite coltrane recordings. it was recorded the same year as a love supreme, but it's so different in character. just as spiritual, crescent is more somber and introspective in nature. the record is amazing played all the way through.

paul motian trio - trioism
paul motian-drums, joe lovano-tenor, bill frisell-guitar. the interplay between musicians is outrageous. "it should've happened a long time ago" is such a druggy song, with a beautiful melody.

t. j. kirk - if four was one
this uber funky band only covers thelonious monk, james brown, and roland kirk tunes...hence their name. scott amendola (above) is on this album, and lays down incredibly funky grooves, along with charlie hunter, who plays an 8 string guitar (he plays guitar and bass lines at the same time, there is no other bass player in the band). the other two guitarists, john schott and will bernard are also amazing. good stuff!

other albums i really like:
cuong vu - bound (trumpeter played with pat metheny-completely unique sound)
tin hat trio - rodeo eroded (chamber/jazz/folk/avante trio...willie nelson's on one track!)
will bernard - motherbug (so funky!)
nels cline singers - instumentals (nels cline is a guitar god! this album is so ridiculous)
medeski martin and wood - anything (i love these guys)

most of these albums can be previewed at the itunes music store, so you can hear clips of them for free...some of them are also on them out

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