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A Beginners Guide to Punk formation list

Well y'all, it's 2012 and there comes a time when we need to bring about a good list to help get people involved in this ol' thang we call the Punk Forum on Sputnik Music. So what I intend on doing is producing a list of entry-level bands for the various genres we all have boners over (hardcore, grind, screamo) and ones that for whatever reason don't seem to get as much attention in here as they should (ska, oi, pop punk, post-punk, et al.)

So in keeping with the fact that most of us on here are complete and utter fucking nerds, let's get some list action going. I would really prefer if we kept things to entry-level, this should be read as readily accessible, because it's kind of off-putting for someone to try to find some ukranian emo band from 4 years ago that only put out a demo and whose name uses the cyrillic alphabet (I don't even do this shit, because oi! up the latin script punx!!!)

Here's how it will work:

1.) I'm going to list out some basic genres I can think of at the moment, and then some bands that I would consider entry-level, readily available, and easy topics of conversations for each genre.
2.) You can follow up with bands you think fit for those genres, (for your post use a simple format of something akin to GENRE: BANDS with each band separated by the enter key.)
3.) Since I'm not going to list every genre in the fucked up family tree of punk rock, it would be great if you guys could help out with it. No obsessive micro-genres, i.e. nintendocore, mysterious guy hardcore, sri lankan gutter punk etc., because I'll just fucking ignore it.
4.) We'll do this for an extended amount of time, a couple/few weeks or so, and then we'll begin compiling lists since the old ones are from about 5-6 years ago and are generally dated.
5.) We can definitely discuss music in here and the qualities of inclusion of this band or that band, but let's keep this on topic. Take discussion to another thread in existence, or make a new one!

Oi! Oi! Oi! let's all get drunk.

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