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Originally Posted by shortz View Post
I've been better tbqh.

I feel myself slowly growing more resentful and hateful towards certain people as this fucking day progresses.

I'm an angry black woman, get out of my way.

How are you? Smokin' mad bowls?

I have not, I will admit so I don't know what really goes on in their sessions. I thought it was just a place where addicts can go to hear each others stories, go through steps to help them kick whatever they're on and learn to live life with a sober mind.

How are they preachy? Are they all "you're going to hell for this?" Or?
they $ay if you don't $tay completely $ober you will be back on whatever the wor$t thin you were on really fa$t an it will automatically be way way wor$e

accordin to them i $hould be on heroin rite now an becau$e i take pain pill$ an drink

it'$ a very all or nothin kind of attitude

they al$o $ay if you et in a relation$hip or have $ex within the fir$t year you will def relap$e lol

it$ a lot like church in that it$ like "do it our way or el$e"

bunch of $care tactic$ an $tuff
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