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nice thatd be cool to check out if u can sounds interesting

my fave cd by far is tilman hoppstock ponce sonatas and variations its out of this world
hes got a heap of cds i can only comment on the 2 i have but hes seriously amazing i gotta get some more

u can listen to some samples on his site theres a couple of ur kurz piece from a live recording

another cd i love is david russell renaissance favourites ive heard some of his others they are solid but this one is somethin else

denis azabagic

i have 2 marcin dylla cds they are brilliant

i used to buy the naxos laureate ones all the time most of em are average but there are some real gems and they are dirt cheap
lorenzo micheli
jerome ducharme
goran krivokapic
pablo sainz villegas was pretty good

graham devine is a good player and plays great music i really enjoy his brouwer cd and british guitar music

what about u
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