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Originally Posted by TTTSNB
I am not a guitar player, but my guitarist used to use a Digatech Death Metal pedal, and I'm telling you, that pedal is TERRIBLE. It gives far too much distortion, and its eq settings don't help very much. He's since switched to a Line 6 Uber Metal, and I've noticed a huge improvement in tone.
The digitech death metal pedal is a really hardcore pedal. Geared toward 1 purpose, Death Metal. I didn't like because I don't play death metal, if you do, try it out, you will probably like it.

A note on te metal zone. I think it really depends on what amp you have. I have tested it extensively through my practise amp and my gigging amp and i can't get good enough tone out of it. My RP200 sounds way better. That being said, I have heard it sound good. I dunno what other variable it could be. I have JB pickups on my ibanez so its not pickups, i would live and die by those, they have improved my tone a lot. Anyway thats my 2 cents on metal pedals.
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