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Jorka 06-28-2020 09:23 AM

What kind of music do you use for relaxation?
What methods and music do you use for relaxation? Just donít talk about the murmur of water and birdsong, it doesnít really help me. thanks for answers. If you can break down by type: for the bus, for the subway, for the bath, for the bed, etc.

anandkrishna 07-02-2020 07:49 AM

Guitar is my love
It's not any particular music, but I use a rhythm that helps me stay relaxed. I take out my guitar and play it around so that It creates a harmonical sound in my mind.

That makes me think of nothing else but stay with the music. :)
I also feel good playing Coldplay music on my guitar.

Sreekant Shenoy

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