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Yea, I know their Was a thread bout them Couple of hours ago but I have been gathering the information sence the last Poetry speaks atricle, and that was is just for discussion and this is for...you know. Don't worry all you cannibal corpse fans I am making 2 poetry speaks writeups, one for symphony x and one for CC, so don't get upset all you CC fans, expect their wrietup in a hour or so, Oh and the reason I am doing this is because of the dispute we had in my Arsis thread about who I should do next and I got the idea that I wouldn't be taken serious if I just did a CC one for fun, but now NO ONE can be mad. The first album we will be looking at is self titled.(symphony x) the song is called...

The Raging Season

Ten thousand tyrants preach their treachery
striking down the weary and the wise
Swords of oppression sever the artery
of our freedom - victimized

Chaos sets the stage
bitter mouths of violent rage
spinning webs of timeless confusion
help us find our way

Tonight can we scape from this hell
seasons ragin sands of time will fall
conquer the wicked
tonight can we escape from ourselves

By revewing some of these lyrics I can tell that they are a little "mystical" and have a early backround, such as ancient religion and dogma, though these might be metaphorical, I can tell I slight bit of struggle, the repeating line "Tonight we can scape from this hell" most likely has to do with trouble, and not being able to cope, and being forced to escape from a emotional hell.
The next song will be...

Thorns Of Sorrow Most of you might be able to tell what this song is about just by reading the title, though I may be wrong and I will edit this later, but "the thorns of sorrow" may have a small affiliation to christianity/christ. As some of you may know christ was placed the crown of thorns as embarrasment, lets look at the lyrics and see If anything changes.

Beckoning me through aeons of time - captured by you
in dismay
I try to elude these prisions of flesh - but return to
shattered domains

There's no image in the mirror
Shattered glass impales my soul

She's like thorns of sorrow - ripping through my head
She's like thorns of sorrow - visions turning red

Enchanting me - defying my love - I'm hindered with
penance and pain

False reflection of grandeur and light leaves my heart
bleeding and stained

I haven't listend enough of these guys to distinguish if they sing a lot about religion but from this stand point I beleive they do. The words that kind of tip me off are "penance" meaning pay your sorrows or make up your dues, and the nasty lines like "Visions turning red" ripping through my head" these all give small clues of the crucifix of Jesus Christ. False reflection of grandeur and light leaves my heart, that line Means great inportance to this song, the whole line is signifying the actuall death of Christ, bleeding and staind, You can tell that they are not really anti-christian because of they way their poems/songs go. Though I do not know their religion. The next song we will look at is off a different album this album is entilted "The Damnation Game"
Hah, the album title is kind of funny (If you don't know Damnation means, sent to hell. The first song will be...

A winters dream Prelude (Part I) heres a short passage

Although your words are empty,
I can hear now, what you feel inside

The night is drawing closer,
you fell you have to hide.

Your fears are never wrong or right
Everything is either black or white.

It's time to close your eyes now,
begin your fantasy - what does it mean?

Wake your dreams (commence now...)
into reality.

Your fears are never wrong or right
Everything is either black or white.

In a Winter's Dream - I'll be there for you
In a Winter's Dream - I'll be there for you

I have never heard this song but these lyrics I like, very emotion and intense. Notcing these lines in this song, the song is a lot based on fantasy, and being so emotionaly hurt that everything is black and white. The line "In a winter's dream" IMO is really refreashing, It might be tough to break down because it could have many different meaning but it's just a great line I think. The presence of this poem reminds me of losing touch with reality, wake your dreams commence now into reality all give slight hints of a daze.
Now we will look into another song off the same album, the song is entilted...

[A Winter's Dream - The Ascension (Part II)/B] Now we will continue the poem with this other slight addition. Heres a short passage.

Still in bed an hour past,
I'm drifting through the night.
As fallen star divides the sky of divinity.

Taken on a journey,
and enlightened to the past.
And if I wake, if I wake, will it embrace me?

Awoke at dawn to calm the stor inside of me.
Take my last breath as I fall into eternity...

Risen to an astral flight, I wander through
the serene with you.
Answers to the voices I hear,
In a Winter's Dream, a dream.

This part is kind of like the after thought this is like the ending, as you can sort of see it takes place where the other song left off. This song is more poetry then anything else, though it uses instruments and vocals it still remains really poetry based, this is where the dream almost wakes up and realizes where he/she/it has been. As fallen stars divinity is a great line, that usually means they are talking about god or religion (hmm...gives a little bit more edvidence to what I said in the other poem)

Now here comes are last song. It is off the same album, the song is called...
[B]The damnation game Here's a short passage
Forever cursed by this game, he who plays with sin
Incantations summoned up our creations

We're players cast in this tale, believe it
stranger than fiction
This justice thunders our condemnation

Falling into innocence by a shadow's kiss
He speaks what mortals dare to say, will he betray?

If you dare play the game - your descent preordained
from their fiery thrones screaming,
cursing your name
On the terror it breeds breathing fire and gree
watch him jest as you bleed...
Screaming enter the Damnation Game

This kind of reminds me of a game inside a game, the question is who will he choose for Damnation. Who will he betray? Watching him just as you bleed. This is very random and I like it, very few bands will go this deap as actually putting basicley a game is song lyrics. There isn't much to break down but It is simple one the song is getting across, and this is giving more edvidence to my religion statment I posted above. The word Condemnation is, Like condeming a act, meaning it's unfit

Now for the writuep.

Often labled as prog rock (progressive rock) Symphony X has sailed through the genre with impoddilbe riffs and licks Powered with amazing vocals. The made was formed in 1994, they got together by their guitarist Michael Romeo. The band made their first release, a demo, the album was entilted Dark chapter. After the demo taped was released the band was formed with all members, bassist Thomas Miller, drums Jason Rullo, vocalist, Rod Tyler and keyboards Michael Pinella, the lineup was complete

Their first album was self-titled. But also got great reviews in many different regions, but wasn't as popular in the U.S. After their first actuall CD they later released another album, it was entiled "The damnation game" but you have to realize they aren't all metal and rock, symphony X also carrys a lot of classical influences to them to, (like a lot of other songs I showed above)

But The Divine Wings of Tragedy was fare more appreciated then the others, it was filled with a lot of classical parts to it a long with melting and brutal solos. But the band much later would split up, Russel Allen's solo project flopped, but they have not yet have notcied any album activitey but everyone is still hoping. :thumb:

russell allen - Vocals
Michael Romeo - Guitar
Micheal Pinnella - Keyboard
Michall Lepond - Bass
Jason Rullo - Drums


Symphony X
The damanation game
The divine wings of tragedy
Twilight in Olympus
Prelude to milennium
The new mythology suit
Live on the edge forever
The odyssey

:amaze: Sorry that was a long one. Now its cannibal corpse time!!:angry:

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*sigh* Any one...please?

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Symphony X is awesome.

The Odessey has some awesome lyrics.

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Man, I'm still gonna keep doing the series though.

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Great, I voted Symphony X. I really like the way they write their lyrics, writing on some epic stuff. I didnt know some of their lyrics focused on religion, maybe because i havent read too much of them.

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Cool man I love Symphony X. Good job, this was really interesting.

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I've only heard one song by S-X. I really liked it. And reading these guys' lyrics is kind of interesting me to possibly buy one of their cd's. I thought you had a cool interpertation of with that Thorns of Sorrow song.

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I love the band but the coincidence of three of the band members having nearly the same name is too weird.

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This is great the band i asked for.....anyway great write up as usual dude....great job...my favorite symphony X lyrics are in Sea Of Lies they are amazing.

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/waits for CC writeup

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/Waits for rep.

Lord Abortion
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/Waits for rep.
You see, I'll positive rep you if the CC writeup is good, so help you God if it isn't.

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Yeah those lyrics are great, SX is great!

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Nice thread. I really like Symphony X, but I have never actually read into there lyrics that much. Your write up made me have more of an interest in the band. I would rep you if I could.

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You should... do Nevermore next. :D That band has some awesome lyrics.

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I think you should do some Sonata Arctica, their lyrics are kind of confusing, but they mean things. Like

The monkey slowly climbed on her back
Offering an aid for her pain
Giving love and care
No-one cared, no-one cared...

Fragile like a rose on the snow
Eating all your strength and your money
Walking in the shade day and night
Never letting sunshine in your eyes like before

Cannot shake the monkey off your back
Did I see a spark on your eye
Was it just the last light of hope
That died, hope that died

"Forgive me, Father, my daily sin..."

It would be interesting to know what that meant, I think you would be able to figure it out. I have been loving your Poetry Speaks series.

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I will post a pole, In my CC thread since It's the most active right now.

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You should... do Nevermore next. :D That band has some awesome lyrics.


Good write-up.

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Nice job on this band as well SilentScream. You're just kickin' @$$ on these write ups. I've only heard one song from them on sirius radio but these guys remind me of Cradle of Filth. (which is a great band)

I'll probably consider getting a cd of theirs.

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I've only heard one song from them on sirius radio but these guys remind me of Cradle of Filth. (which is a great band)

:confused: :confused:

(I like CoF, but I don't see what similarities they have at all aside from a symphonic sound)