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10-14-2004, 03:28 PM
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1. First of all, all of the mods reserve the right to close any threads or ban any user for any reason we feel appropriate. As a general rule, make sure your posts are constructive and friendly, and make your threads worthwhile discussion. And don't try to sidestep or push any of the rules, we don't accept loopholes.

2. There will be absolutely no bashing of any bands or genres. Any threads that are just bashing of ANY band or ANY genre will be closed and the users warned. If it keeps happening there may be bans.

3. Don't insult people, even if they insulted you first. Be the better person and just report them ;)

4. Take a few days to get a feel for the forum and get to know the users, don't just start making threads right off the bat.

5. Don't bump threads that are past the second page. Also don't make a thread if there is already a thread about or similar to your topic.

6. Don't spam excessively. We (the mods) are the judges of what is excessive and what is not.

7. Some Internet lingo is accepted (lol, lmao, pwned), but Internet shorthand is not. sO dont tYpE liek dis kthx.

8. Don't make "Band X vs. Band Y" threads, or "Musician A vs. Musician B" threads. They are useless and will be closed.

9. Don't make threads advertising your band, that's what the Jukebox is for. Any other kind of advertising (fan sites, forums, etc) will be deleted.

10. There is a handy thread called "Recommendations." If you want to find some new bands, just go there; don't make a thread about it.

11. Please for the love of God don't ask us to name your band.

12. This shouldn't be a problem, but if a Supermod comes in here and closes something/bans someone, don't complain. Trust their judgment, that's why they're Supers. If something is fishy then we will investigate it, but give them the benefit of the doubt.

I'm adding to Joel's, because there's no reason to throw his out. (shut up vince)

13. STOP DOUBLE POSTING. This is the thing I see the most around here. Too many people are double posting in the community thread, and it needs to stop. It's pointless postcount +. From now on, if I see you double post, I'm merging them, and if I have to keep doing it for you, then I'm banning you for a week so I don't have to anymore.. There's an edit button for a reason. If you don't know how to quote with the manual tags, all you have to do is type [ quote = (name of poster you're quoting) ] copy/paste post here [ /quote ] (without the spaces). It takes a few seconds longer, but it helps things stay more organized.

14. If you make a thread advertising your band, you're banned. There's a thread for that already, which can be found in the first link of this thread. Or you can go to the Audio Arena.

15. Make sure to search a band before you make a thread on them, or look back a few pages to see if a thread has been made on them. Sometimes the search function doesn't work. We've had quite a few cases of threads being made for bands that already have huge official threads. Most of them can be found on the first page.

16. Please try to stop spamming in the community thread. I'm not saying that I've never done it, because I have, but I'm seeing way too much of it lately. Try to avoid telling everyone that you're leaving, or you just woke up and you're getting ready to go to school, or you made a bowl of cereal for breakfast and you're getting ready to pour some milk on it. It's annoying seeing one person say bye and then 8 other people say bye too, then there's half a page of no conversation at all. It's ok to include it in a post if you're actually saying something interesting though. Try to cut down on your posting in there too, and post in other threads. :)

17. There have been quite a few people in here coming in and advertising, flaming, bashing, etc. If you can, avoid posting in their threads, and just report it. Joel or I will eventually take care of the thread/post. Try not to confront them if you can.

I know this is a lot to read, and it sounds strict, but they shouldn't be hard to follow at all. I hope these threads will help better the forum. :)


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Take notice! These are just opinions! They are in no way definite definitions, they are just generalizations that we generally follow in this forum! Respect these opinions and we will respect you, thanks!

Punk: Punk is a couple of things. First, it is a subculture, a way of life. The standard for living Punk will not be discussed here. Second, it is a type of music (also known as Punk Rock), which is characterized by being harsh, fast, aggressive, musically simplistic, and usually politically oriented in the lyrics. This is by no means a definite standard to judge punk rock bands by, this in general. If you want to read more about punk, this thread (http://www.musicianforums.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=16826) will be a great education.

Recommended bands: Dead Kennedys, NOFX, Bad Religion, Crass

Pop Punk: Pop punk is a subgenre of punk. It takes the energy and speed of punk rock and combines it with some pop characteristics. Like punk, pop-punk has grown and evolved, so old-school bands like Screeching Weasel are pop-punk, but so are newer bands like Green Day and Blink 182. However, pop-punk is not necessarily still connected to the punk subculture, so even though some pop-punk bands are still punk, this is not necessarily true of every pop-punk band.

Recommended bands: Lagwagon, The Descendants, The Vandals

Ska Punk: Once upon a time there was a band called The Clash, and they were among the first bands to combine ska and punk influences. There is a delightful thread about ska and its various waves written by our very own Kithkin, which you can find here. (http://www.musicianforums.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=71269)
Recommended bands: Catch 22, Mad Caddies, Less Than Jake

Emo: Short for "emotional hardcore." This music consists of passionate vocals about topics very real to its members, usually personal relationships or deep throught and reflection. It evolved from hardcore and usually has a combination of screaming, singing, and shouting.
Recommended bands: Rockets and Blue Lights, Saetia, Olive Tree, On the Might of Princes, Native Nod, Lovesick

Screamo: Under debate so to whether or not it is a genre, "screamo" is usually dubbed so because it is a "more chaotic form of emo." The counter argument is that emo is a constantly evolving genre and therefore has no limits nor bounds to cross, meaning screamo is a redundant term because emo is constantly changing. There is no final conclusion and screamo is used by some to describe certain "more chaotic" emo bands.
Recommended bands: Off Minor, Welcome the Plague Year, Joshua Fit for Battle, Orchid, pg. 99

Power Pop: This gets a little fuzzy, but most people in general think of power pop as bands like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan, bands that have taken the pop influence even further even in pop-punk.

Recommended Bands: Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Busted

Pop Rock: Rock/alternative music with pop influences, similar to pop-punk but usually heavier and slower. One of my personal favorite genres.

Recommended Bands: Weezer, Fountains of Wayne, Lit

Post-Hardcore: A genre often described as ranging from one end of the spectrum to the other, as many post-hardcore bands are known to go from spacy, slow, clean riffs to full-blown chaos. This unique sound is often created through the use of a plethora of guitar, bass and vocal effects.

Recommended Bands: Glassjaw, Trophy Scars, Million Dead, From First To Last

Questions/comments can be made in Tell the Mods.

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Featured Artists/Awards

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If you want to make an FA, Email Vince at zeppelinfan2k3@gmail.com. Tell him what artist you want to do and he will tell you when you should post it.

Pop-Punkers of the Month/Year


Pop Punker of the Year 2003- Scarred4Life

February- Sweboy
March- Vaya
May- N/A
July- CommieCanada
August/September- Ganondorf
October- MattSharpIsCool
November- RissaPoodle5207
December- cbmartinez

Pop Punker of the Year 2004- Kif

April - Albert Bass
May - Kif
June - allofmeoliveme
July - Rancid Dan
August - EmoScreamoPunk
September - Permanent Solution
October - B
November - BridgeToSolace
December - Pazz

Pop Punker of the Year 2005: allofmeoliveme

January - billiejoe84
February - Permanent Solution
March - Pazz
April - Mute Print
May - Form(of)Dark
June - Snowball Fight!
July - Angry Balled Fists!

Pop Punker of the Year 2006: Permanent Solution

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I'm providing links in case they don't get bumped for a while. If you think anything else should be added, let me know.

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