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09-29-2004, 05:03 AM
Debut 2004 EP release How We Learn To Forget

Check it out here:
Myspace.com (http://www.myspace.com/wordslikeshards)
Purevolume.com (http://www.purevolume.com/wordslikeshards)
Hxcmp3.com (http://hxcmp3.com/bands/12029)
Download.com (http://music.download.com/wordslikeshards)
WordsLikeShards.tk (http://www.wordslikeshards.tk)

thank you everyone, it really means a lot to us all.

09-29-2004, 03:16 PM
My question to you is what the hell are you yelling at? For me, it ruins the song. I love the instrumental aspect of the songs but the yelling kills it completely. I think you would be better off with a rock singer, or someone that sings alternative. Screaming is just a major turn off in music unless there is a reason for it and it is understandable. But for a song called 12/4/03 I have to assume you are yelling because you got a D on your math test or something ridiculous like that. Other than the vocals, I liked it.

09-29-2004, 08:14 PM
Im diggin the music, but the screaming ****ing ruined it.

09-30-2004, 11:17 PM
Im diggin the music, but the screaming ****ing ruined it.
yea, man your guys music is pretty amazing, where do you people get these singers my god -_-.

Alexisonfire is the same way, they got good music but wtf happened with the singer.

Keep up the good msuic tho :thumb:

Just get a different singer :/

10-02-2004, 02:25 PM
Holy hell you need a new singer. That music was SO incredible up to the singing. At about 3:46 though his voice changed. THAT is how it should be all the time. My opinion.

10-02-2004, 02:28 PM
i hate this kind of bullsh*t with a passion. this is exactly the kind of fucking nonsense i complain about on this forum. the music is spot on, but please for the love of god, kill your "vocalist" in a painful manner.

10-02-2004, 02:49 PM
What guitars and stuff are you guys using?? I hate that guitar sound, I cnt stand it! Your playing is there and all but that guitar sound! Oh yer and your singer sucks!

10-02-2004, 04:28 PM
Awesome band, I love it.

And yeah, I like the vocalist, I don't care what you people say.

10-02-2004, 05:07 PM

loving it

10-02-2004, 07:35 PM
you ****ers that dont like the screaming don't have to complain just don't listen!!!!!!!!

xtreme chess
10-03-2004, 12:28 AM
the music was ****ing awsome!! the singer, not so

10-03-2004, 05:45 AM
i agree, great music - ****ty singer. get someone that sings good normal and maybe occasionally screams.

10-03-2004, 05:28 PM
kick *** music and good singer

Johnny Roxburgh
10-03-2004, 05:34 PM
Yeh, pretty much the same as the other guys, the singer ruined it for me. I guess if you like it that's all that matters though, right?

10-03-2004, 06:01 PM
you ****ers that dont like the screaming don't have to complain just don't listen!!!!!!!!
Its not that I dont like screaming, I just dont like ****ty vocalists that ruin their chords. Ultimatley he will lose his range, voice and tone and the band will have to find a new singer anyway. Might as well kick him out now and find a better vocalist so you wont need to change the line up of the band.

10-18-2004, 08:21 PM
I ****ing hate screamo...great musicans but I hate screamo

10-19-2004, 02:50 PM
I like it! The production is great, the playing is great and I like the vocals. It really does have more effect when the song combines the melodic singing with the screaming; my only humble recommendation is to use the melodic approach more. The melody is what gets the tune stuck in the listener's head...you need to use these hooks to elevate yourself from the pack. I definitely get an Underoath meets Slayer vibe from the tunes.

Good luck!!

10-19-2004, 04:00 PM
I like it a lot. The screaming sounds great, and I agree with ditchdog. You should use a little more singing as well, but definitely keep the screaming. Its not everyone's forte, but I think it kicks my face in. Musically, also, the song is awesome.

Keep up the good work!

10-19-2004, 04:14 PM
I'm not a big fan of the hardcore/screamo scream...whatever... But this guy's pretty good at it. Unfortunatly, it sounds horrible when he does it to sing...Maybe if he sang, and used the scream to lead into the harder parts or somethin, I don't know. It never made sense to me to scream throughout the whole song...no one can understand it anyways.

10-19-2004, 05:52 PM
I dig your music, it has some kickass rythms and wicked guitar/bass stuff, and i thought the vocals are pretty cool except your going to be compared to alexisonfire and FATA. My only complaint about your music is the rhythms that you use in certain areas of the song do not fit structurely with the rest of the song.

10-24-2004, 01:34 PM
ok, its starts off soundin gud with the shoutin and that, but then it gets borin, it sounds the same and u cant understand a f.ckin word. mayb sumtimes shout and sumtimes sing, but not all the time.
i spose the gud thing is u dont hav 2 come up with cool lyrics if no one can hear them. :)

10-27-2004, 01:28 AM
Absolutely awesome, I would just love to hear more singing like towards the end of 12/4/03. The music was awesome, try singing some verses, and have screaming choruses or something.

10-27-2004, 03:00 AM
this is good stuff, but the singing killed it for me also

10-27-2004, 04:10 AM
freaking amazing singer is great dont listen to these ****s!!! amazing!!!

10-27-2004, 07:47 PM
wow. this is amazing. Long live screaming!!!

12-18-2004, 03:35 AM
you guys are my new favorite band. no joke. If I could scream half as cool as you guys do I could die happy. You guys rock, no question about it. Don't let all these emo kids on here who don't like screaming get you down. Take it from a true hardcore fan: you guys kick serious ***. Check your e-mail i have some design work I'd like to do for you. Peace

12-19-2004, 12:26 AM
For real... I haven't heard such a powerful scream since I first got into Norma Jean. The vocals are incredible. Anyone that is truly into hxc will be able to appreciate that. Reminds me a lot of Changing of Times - Underoath. Woah... i just got to the singing. Very consistent and smooth. This band is great. I've been getting really jaded lately with the screamo stuff, but this just strikes me as unique. Keep it up. If you guys are ever in the MI area touring or whatever and want to do a show trade, I'm sure I can get you one. www.arithanos.com Check it out and talk to Andy (aim s/n - andy switt). He can hook you up. :D

12-19-2004, 12:43 AM
I don't care much for the vocals, but the sound quality is really nice.

12-19-2004, 12:59 PM
some ppl believe screaming makes a song more heavy or edgy, not true. one of my favourite bands (queens of the stoneage) can be very dark and heavy, but songs are held together with soft melodic vocals, a real nice contrast. screaming in moderation can be ok, but for me it tends to wane and distract from the song. btw the instrumentals are awesum, one of best things ive heard on this sorry forum. also floor 13, if you dont like screaming it does not make you emo, are bob dylan fans emo, or jimi hendrix? ...grow up

12-20-2004, 12:51 AM
It's not terrible, not terrible at all. The vocals could benefit from something, i dont really know what...i accpet the fact that its screaming...but its not bad....just needs something special, ya kno? Keep up teh good work.

12-20-2004, 06:10 PM
this sucks

sorry :)

12-20-2004, 09:04 PM
i listened to how we foret and i must say the instruments are very ood. very well put together. i didn mind the screaming that much but i think it would be better if yu worked some softer singing. ex: some screaming then some normal soinging then back 2 the screaming again. but hey do what u like