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02-04-2004, 05:36 PM
The Audio Arena is a place where you can post your music or your bands music. This enables others to hear what you've done, and it can be used to promote your band and your skills.

Here are some basic rules for this forum:
1.No bashing of another person's work i.e ThAt sux0Rs, its CrAp. Constructive Criticism is ok, but no flaming.
2.No Spamming repetedly in threads
3.No bringing back old threads.
4.Please make sure any links you make are valid and to proper sites.
5.In Challenges, make sure you read the challenge's rules.
6.Please try to crit more songs than you post.
(NEW)7.Please DO NOT ask questions on how to record in this forum. Thats more for the Jam Session.
(NEW)8.THIS FORUM IS ONLY FOR POSTING SONGS, If you want to ask questions about an instrument, go to those forums, if you want to buy/sell gear or look for band memebers go into Classifieds.

If anone has any questions/comments or want to just chat with me, Im availible at chaos_bringer11@hotmail.com

Thank you :)

02-11-2004, 01:35 PM
Here is an example of how I would prefer people to submit their songs.

[insert music type here]Band Name Here/Song(s)Name Here

So a proper title is:
[Punk]Pus Filled Spore<---(Or whateve band name)