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01-11-2004, 10:33 AM
The Offspring - Americana



Dexter Holland: Guitar, Vocals
Noodles: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Greg K: Bass, Backing Vocals
Ron Welty: Drums

This is one of the defining moments in The Offspring's career. this album marked the point where skeptics branded them sell outs, and old fans had to grudgingly accept that they were going poppy. To be honest, it wasn't really that bad, with the exception of two songs blatantly made for radio play, it was the same punk rock fury as before, albeit slightly calmer than their previous album, Ixnay On The Hombre.

1. Welcome
2. Have You Ever
3. Staring At The Sun
4. Pretty Fly (for a white guy)
5. The Kids Aren't Alright
6. Feelings
7. She's Got Issues
8. Walla Walla
9. The End of the Line
10. No Brakes
11. Why Don't You Get A Job
12. Americana
13. Pay the Man

Standout tracks:
Have You Ever
Staring At The Sun
The Kids Aren't Alright
No Brakes

Track By Track

Welcome: Its just an intro, but its quite funny. Worth a mention purely for that.
Have You Ever One of my personal favourites. Great lyrics about not fitting in with the world around you. Great catchy chorus, into a breakdown with a BASS SOLO! Followed by a great punk ending, almost like 2 songs in 1.
Staring at the Sun I love the muted guitar in this one. The guitar always complements Dexter's voice, quiet in the quiet bits, furious in the energetic bits. Its just one hell of a great song..
Pretty Fly (for a white guy): The much debated single. Although too poppy, I would have to say that it isn't really that bad. It does have a great riff, and the lyrics are entertaining. But you have probably already heard this enough times to know what you think of it.
The Kids Aren't Alright: One of the bands best ever. Has great lyrics about a street where everything went wrong for their youth. Great Riff, catchy chorus, one of Noodles best solo's as well. A class song all the way through.
Feelings: The most forgettable song here. I don't like it very much, but it does have a good guitar solo. Not enough lyrics for my liking.
She's Got Issues: One of the singles, so quite a bit poppy, but its still a great song. Reminds of me of Self Esteem as its about Dexter's love life, although from a different point of view.
Walla Walla: A funny song about a guy who is going to end up in jail, its a good song but nothing special apart from the lyrics.
The End of the Line: A song about death, like Gone Away. Not as good as gone away, but the lyrics are emotional and its hard not to feel sorry for the person left behind.
No Brakes: Fast, energetic, punk rock fury. It's what this album needs, a fast track to kick it up again after lulling a bit in the middle, and it fits the bill perfectly. One of my favourites on the CD.
Why Don't You Get a Job: I don't like this song at all. For me, it has NO redeeming features, it was made purely for radio play, and its easy to see.
Americana: A great song here. Loud, shouty, punk. Good lyrics about Dexter's vision of a perfect world. One of the standout tracks.
Pay The Man An epic song to finish the album with. Starts off middle eastern, and progresses into a slow rock song at the end.

So there you have it. Its not spectacular next to Smash or Ixnay, but its not a total waste of money, the good songs more than make up for the bad.


01-11-2004, 10:43 AM
kickass review gav. :thumb:

this is one of my favourite albums, and i really enjoyed reading your review.

bloody well done. :thumb:

01-11-2004, 01:07 PM
cool one of my first albums I've bought

01-11-2004, 11:22 PM
First album I bought... and still playing in my discman today...

01-13-2004, 09:08 AM
Like you said Gav, give or take a few songs, it's a great album

I don't know if you knew this, but "Feelings" was originally wrote by Burt Bacarach or Johnny Mathis, I can't remember which. If you can download the original, or get a copy of it, you'll see why it would have been hard to make it a 'great' song.

The Kids Aren't Alright, No Brakes and Staring at the Sun are all classic Offspring songs.

Very good album (and review ;)).


01-13-2004, 05:24 PM
Great review as always Gav.

01-13-2004, 07:03 PM
Decent album, but nothing compared to Offspring's older stuff. Not genre spanning or even exceptional at all with the exception of "The Kids Aren't Alright" which is certainly a genre-defining pop-punk song.

Ờpĕťħ kid
01-15-2004, 06:52 AM
Nice review. Pay the Man should be on the standout tracks list though!!

01-16-2004, 05:52 PM
One of the first pop punk albums I ever heard. Now it seems a little too poppy, but it still an amazing CD which should be heard by any pop punk fan. 4/5

02-13-2004, 11:57 AM
this is the album that got me into punk!!! i would have to disagree with what you said about "why dont you get a job." ok, so its poppy, but so what? its catchy and has some of the most memorable lyrics since "stupid dumb**** god**** mother****er" on bad habit

02-13-2004, 02:10 PM
Dude spoon of grimbo, stop bringing back old threads.

EDIT: Awesome review

02-13-2004, 02:14 PM
Awesome review indeed. I must also say that pay the man should have been on the mentions

02-13-2004, 02:15 PM
for the love of god spoon, please don't bring back threads.

07-07-2004, 04:47 AM
kickass review gav. :thumb:

this is one of my favourite albums, and i really enjoyed reading your review.

bloody well done. :thumb:

quoted for truth

08-07-2004, 04:48 PM
This was one of my first albums, I bought it when I had like 8 or 9 years. I still listen to it sometimes when I want to remember the old days.
Great review gav.

08-07-2004, 10:33 PM
this Cd i dont think is their best but i have it on my Ipod and do listen to it from time to time. i agree with the review, it wasn't the best, but it wasn't the worst, good review on it.

08-08-2004, 12:10 AM
Nice review. Pay the Man should be on the standout tracks list though!!

Yeah, I agree, that's song's great! Also, She's Got Issues should have been on that list as well. Those 2 songs and Have You Ever are my favorite songs on this CD, but I like them all. 4.5/5

08-08-2004, 04:49 PM
This CD was the first one i bought and it got me hooked not only on Offspring but on punk/rock (hell, even heavy music)... and even if it is "poppy" in parts, it rocks on all cylinders
Cool Review

08-08-2004, 08:26 PM
My favorite offsping song, (and one of my favorite songs period) has got to be the Kids Are not alright. The guitar intro and solo is just amazing, (one of the first things I attempted to learn on guitar).
Also, I never really thought that the offspring where Punk..I think most of their stuff is pretty much metal, but happier metal... if that makes any sence haha

08-08-2004, 08:49 PM
I liked the cd and now i feel like its not so great but for sure couple songs are very amazing like feelings(intro rocks and easy to play) no brakes, staring at the sun,Americana(what a nice riff), have you ever. The rest is not so great expecialy for Shes got issues, Why dont you get a job. If you like this cd GET SMASH FAST!!!!!!!!I got it 6 months after i bought americana and fell in love with Smash and im still in love with it.

08-09-2004, 01:52 AM
yeah i dont liek this album as much as i used to but i must give credit for the fact that it pulled me away from the whole Ludacris/Juvenile/Puff Daddy scene

08-09-2004, 02:12 AM
This was one of the first CDs I really got into. I still don't mind it, but usually if I want to listen to the Offspring, I put on "Smash".

I don't like the song "Why don't you get a job", it reminds me of "Obla di obla da" by the Beatles.

08-09-2004, 04:50 AM
yeah they were supposed to sound the same.
and by the way, Pennywise were already calling them sellouts when ixnay came out, so this is not hte first album that they were called sellouts.
Really good album, though.