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  3. jon daily leaving the stewart show
  4. Let's put Hillary on the 20
  5. To what extent does racism exist today?
  6. Should there be an age limit for voting?
  7. Describe your formal education and also your education regarding politics please.
  8. Religious Freedom Laws
  9. Legal To Kill Gays In California
  10. Third-wave feminism, "social justice" and the plight of men
  11. Who do you side with?
  12. stocks
  13. Right Is The New Left
  14. burt sandburg announces president
  15. what happens if bernie sanders wins?
  16. Trans Pacific Partnership
  17. Wisconsic Republicans Ban Food for Poor People
  18. south carolina shooter's manifesto
  19. stormfront
  20. gays
  21. is 911 because of black people?
  22. can someone explain the Greece crisis for an American?
  23. Of Messiah
  24. gonna be a white minority
  25. political over/undertones in everybody loves raymond
  26. patriarchy of kevin james in king of queens
  27. Are you an SJW?
  28. Bernie Sanders is pro-Israel
  29. Is minimum wage a form of segregation?
  30. "I'd rather have a president who did the Benghazi than one who broke up Fugazi"
  31. Are poor people lazy?
  32. by your logic,
  33. Why pay for people who won't work?
  34. best and worst US presidents before carter
  35. Black Lives Matter
  36. taking america back!
  37. Billary Blinton
  38. Soulless "Men" with no balls, spines or brains.
  39. I'm afraid of being shot to death at my school.
  40. Political Haikus
  41. Flags are a symbol of War and Separation
  42. the gay agenda
  43. The White Guilt Megathread
  44. Kanye West for President?
  45. Measure your criminal defense quotient
  46. doeant matter if you aren't funded by special interests
  47. Pills for Kids
  48. Who u votin 4?
  49. Hilary drove a monster truck over my son
  50. sad and weird
  51. bathing - how often? political
  52. Feigned outrage explained
  53. hedge fund aids guy who did the dick thing with the aids medicine
  54. Gay people are pathetic
  55. Sweden the mysogynistic defenseless utopia
  56. with HCT gone...
  57. Atheism on the march
  58. Obongo's gun control bullshit
  59. Superpolicy
  60. i side with...
  61. Is America livable anymore?
  62. You Are All Wrong
  63. Free Will
  64. Fuck The World
  65. canada freest country in the world
  66. Bernie to Burn it!
  67. economic prosperity from the 1950s to early 1970s
  68. regulated capitalism is the only way to prosperity
  69. canada lamest country in the world
  70. Democrat logic
  71. Bernie SanDERP
  72. not so gay paris
  73. religious/superstitious people
  74. no refugees in my state!
  75. Stupidity of decadent westerners
  76. Red Scare
  77. Christopher Hitchens
  78. Never talk about religion or politics
  79. Defend the Constitution
  80. The 80s bother me
  81. Amend the constitution
  82. Trump: Ban Muslims and Close the Internet
  83. What if Stalin won
  84. "Cuckservatives"
  85. The Course of Religion, Islamic Extremism
  86. sanders wins
  87. Ted Cruz
  88. Vaccination, Donald Trump, Zika, HPV
  89. What's Trump's Healthcare Plan?
  90. #nevertrump
  91. The Erudition of Conservative Scholarship
  92. RIP Rob Ford
  93. Trump will bring back manufacturing
  94. Donald
  95. The Abandonment of the Notion of State's Rights
  96. Europe and GB - In or Out?
  97. $15/hr
  98. 3 reasons why AR-15 style rifles are "necessary"
  99. The police are empowered to scare you
  100. Gary Johnson
  101. Time to engage in another scintillating battle of wits with "Hillary Clit Tongue"
  102. post ur political compass
  103. Cop being a bitch again
  104. Rip dnc
  105. Who should Drumpf face in the octagon to prove himself a man?
  106. Who Do You Side With?
  107. Why are people afraid of free market politics?
  108. Take a knee, crybaby
  109. The Prohibition of Masculinity
  110. Congratulations America
  111. Sputnikmusic.com "Political Roundtable" Episode 1: Donald Drumpf
  112. Sputnikmusic.com "Political Roundtable" Episode 4: Marco Rubo
  113. Sputnikmusic.com "Political Roundtable" Episode 5: Dangerous Donald Doodoo Dumbass
  114. Fiddle Castro passes today at 90 years old
  115. indians protest pipeline
  116. Aaannnddd Trump is already fucking up foreign poilicy
  117. Alt right comedy show million extreme canceled
  118. I've just heard that the States is now quite bloody mental and has gone tits up
  119. Pedofiles
  120. Even if Russia interfered in the election...
  121. Defending standardized testing
  122. The Three Mosaic Religions
  123. Ann Coulter
  124. it's time we stop whitewashing MLK's legacy
  125. Alternative Facts
  126. Lib
  127. Cheap Kitchens For Sale North Wiltshire
  128. If you were the dictator of your own country, what would you do?
  129. http://skinsephora.com/stack-xtreme-muscle/
  130. hct let's see some proof of income
  131. Pathologcal fear of winning
  132. The Trump White House is in complete disarray
  133. African population growth out of control
  134. Climate change
  135. Another young black male gunned down
  136. State's rights
  137. You can't spell Canuck without cuck
  138. Democrat or REpublican?
  139. Sputnikmusic.com "Political Roundtable" Season 2, Episode 1: Race
  140. What is the point of ando?
  141. Federal laws
  142. Federalism vs Autozone
  143. Hey hey ho ho donald trump has got to go
  144. Donald trump KKK
  145. Hillary 2020
  146. John McCain. 2020?
  147. Jeff Ratana unveils new bill proposing cuts to vegetable subsidies
  148. Romney' tax plan
  149. Tounge is a jihadist
  150. Sputnik Battle Royale
  151. I disagree with "Hillary Clit Tounge" on many political issues
  152. Ando let's see some proof of a penis
  153. I'm meta
  154. Russua
  155. Hearing reports that the nuclear football has been intercepted by the Russians
  156. Word coming in that 50 bombs were launched from the US & landed all the way in Syria
  157. The MOAB in Afghanistan
  158. Hearing reports from the East of the worlds largest non-nuclear bomb. Massive tragedy
  159. Counterfeit Money And Documents For Sale(melissahilton469@gmail.com)
  160. Cheap Kitchens Bristol (16)
  161. Russian agents
  162. Prince Philip is dead at 95
  163. Jay comb fired, wonder what Sean asshole will have to yell about it
  164. Has the swamp been drained?
  165. Sad to report that a man lies dead. Its Roger from Fox News
  166. Today we pay tribute to the dead of that terrible day, 9/11, one of the worst days in
  167. I shan't hold back any longer. The time for civility ended long ago.
  168. The UK election is quite naff.
  169. Bill Maher did nothing wrong.
  170. Due to his bloops and blunders, I submit that President Covefe is none other than the
  171. This is what everyone thinks of us
  172. comrade corbyn blowin these establishment morons outta the park
  173. One week after her schlonging by Putin, Megan Kelly schlonged by Jones
  174. To me the Middle East is like a business.
  175. Former CNN journalist Amber Lyon exposes the network
  176. Suspend benefits to welfare mothers
  177. Is there a prevailing rule for pronunciation?
  178. Crown prosecutor for Russia
  179. People I would vote for before a Democrat
  180. Should we strike the Presidiency of Donald Dunce from the history books?
  181. Calling for a National Registry of Gays
  182. Disturbing scene at a Wal-Mart in San Antonio
  183. Translosers banned from the military
  184. The most glaring inconsistency of the anti-Israel crowd
  185. The Trump Presidency: Like a snake shedding its skin
  186. Trump is already the greatest president since Ronald Reagan
  187. White privilege
  188. Please stop talking to Volumnus Flush or acknowledging him in any way
  189. Bennet And Mc Mahon Agencies Ltd Reviews
  190. One day I'm going to run for office
  191. Serena Williams is a man
  192. President Dotard is an absolute Loudmouth Louie and a complete goof-off
  193. Political ideology as a function of geography
  194. Judge Roy Moore
  195. Laughing at the healthcare thing right now
  196. puerto rico
  197. Senator Tom 'Thumb' Corker, Senate's resident midget, declines to run for reelection
  198. Mr. Donald Trump has banned guns
  199. Egyptian government examining the anuses of suspected homosexuals
  200. Theresa May legalizes organ harvesting
  201. Which is correct?
  202. The real reason Tyson Fury will not fight again
  203. Sputnikmusic.com "Political Roundtable" Season 2, Episode 2: Women
  204. Donald Dope has been impeached.
  205. Catalonia, what do you think about it?
  206. When you are a Casanova: Supersexual
  207. Of the creative faculties,
  208. John Conyers
  209. Try and see an immediate change(derickwalters39@gmail.com)
  210. Net Neutrality
  211. If the Jews must give up Jerusalem
  212. My Me Too story
  213. 94 year old woman arrested after refusing to leave apt during eviction
  214. Kendall Jenner stands up for equality, the Left says, "Sit down, cracker bitch"
  215. Net Neutrality is a weapon of International Jewry
  216. Euthanising your pet or euthanising Grandma: No difference
  217. The liberal mentality
  218. What are we going to do about Tyler?
  219. Never Again
  220. Trolled the shit out of Adam Schiff
  221. What is the point of affirmative action?
  222. The Conspicuous Ascension of Jews to the Highest Levels of Achievement in Multiple Do
  223. Midterm Elections
  224. Steel tariff will make America great again
  225. A tragic story from the muddaland of Obongo
  226. Should a portion of Bezos, Gates, Buffett, et al's wealth be seized?
  227. Stephen Hawkings is dead