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  1. Official Football Thread (Fantasy Football: 460246-196530)
  2. Advice / Love and Relationships
  3. Post your music here!
  4. Community Thread(Not that Alison Brie show)
  5. I don't care for "Oscars"
  6. Which type of guitar strings?
  7. Replace the front page, sputnik!!!
  8. Dr. Pepper sucks
  9. Hiphop for a metalhead?
  10. What is your music program and data size?
  11. Its my MX Birthday
  12. baseball
  13. do u wanna die
  14. 2015 NFL Thread: Fantasy Football Up
  15. official led zep thred
  16. Whose got the best damn titties in Hollywood?
  17. how bigs your pecker
  18. dressing as woman "heoric"???
  19. Nickleback
  20. you ever do a Google image for "Kane"?
  21. Today is the last day of work for the week.
  22. king crimson 69-74 vs genesis 71-74 vs yes 71-74
  23. Who won the big box office today
  24. movies but w/ boob's in the titles
  25. Official Tennis Thread
  26. There's no excuse for what Jaret from Subway did.
  27. Pornography bores me.
  28. I joined this site over a decade ago
  29. Favorite band/least favorite band?
  30. Truuuuuuump!!! *shakes fist*
  31. nofx - worst band ever?
  32. Tech Death Recs
  33. how to know if your taste is shite
  34. bands we can all agree are good
  35. When one considers the Gawker debacle, one is forced to wonder,
  36. were there ever more than 10 posters?
  37. simple plan and good charlotte better than led zeppelin? chuck and AAA agree
  38. Type O Negative
  39. He killed a lion
  40. Tom Brady
  41. Mathematics Discussion thread, v. 1.0
  42. Nazr Please...
  43. prove me wrong
  44. the beatles
  45. best radiohead?
  46. Rush
  47. best led zeppelin album
  48. Great underrated bands?
  49. What would you do without ...
  50. Kick a$$ 80s music
  51. Sick of the way I'm treated on here
  52. politics and music
  53. welcome back
  54. Post good rap lyrics thread
  55. Attractive Men Thread
  56. is MX Dead?
  57. NFL Pick'em Week 1
  58. Noonward, come quickly
  59. NFL Pick'em Week 2
  60. hi lets kiss?
  61. Rugby - Six Nations 2016
  62. Bands that sound like Parkway Drive?
  63. How the hell ?
  64. 1st of tha month
  65. best thing to happen all week thread 09/02
  67. Hmm.... Really got the urge to call out the Society's bullshit today
  68. Post cover songs you like
  69. Burgers
  70. The Sputnik Anime Thread
  71. Worst Sputnik Users
  72. the toilet thread
  73. NFL Pick'em Week 6
  74. So I am out of jail now, guys.
  75. How many of us still play an instrument regulalry?
  76. How much faith do you have in your partner?
  77. Any other gardeners out there?
  78. MX Firearms Owners Thread (AKA Dicksizing Thread)
  79. Classical Music
  80. Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  81. NFL Pick'em Week 7
  82. the Sputnik Cocktail
  83. I need to get a Gun
  84. remember when people would ask to be banned?
  85. NFL Pick'em Week 8
  86. Rap lyrics. Let me know what you think
  87. Do you respect Billy Idol?
  88. The documentary 2
  89. NFL Pick'em Week 9
  90. Dark Secrets of MX
  91. Astonishing Volumnius Flush truths
  92. A teenager thread
  93. Inner mounting flame vs birds of fire
  94. Favorite Concept Albums? (This Is Not A Lie)
  95. what instrument
  96. NFL Pick'em Week 10
  97. whats the most generic music question or topic you can think of
  98. Favorite song over 10 minutes?
  99. Best Drummer Poll
  100. F*ck isis rap song
  101. Remove Review
  102. Got your tool tickets?
  103. Sex pistols
  104. Songs not in English
  105. Who was the main Person who Loved to Fuck in each era
  106. i met christian slater
  107. NFL Pick'em Week 12 THANKSGIVING!
  108. favorite decade for music
  109. NFL Pick'em Week 13
  110. Post a real pic of yourself cowards
  112. time for a vocaroo party, bitches
  113. Radiohead vs Muse vs Porcupine Tree
  114. water man
  115. Is Jay Link still alive?
  116. Pink Floyd vs KISs
  117. Megadeth
  118. Women with Tattoos
  119. Good Beginning Black Metal/Death Metal Albums?
  120. Arnie or Sly?
  121. Good band name
  122. As I've gotten older...
  123. Favorite Metallica Records? Rank Them?
  124. NFL Pick'em Wildcard Round
  125. NFL Pick'em Divisional Round
  126. Nocturnal Emissions of the Blackline Elite (black metal thread)
  127. NFL Pick'em Conference Championships
  128. Who would you go on a gay date with
  129. Charts anomaly?
  130. Perfect Girl
  131. I Wish Mario Was Real Support Group
  132. Places I'd love to visit
  133. Most Hated Band Of All Time?
  134. I love Richard Simmons
  135. Things we can all agree on that piss us off
  136. Food sucks
  137. Get A Sex Change
  138. When did you realize your parents were dumb
  139. Food Bands
  140. Good Series?
  141. personality disorder test
  142. Gods Miracles
  143. Fastest Metal Drummer
  144. Describe the band.
  145. His Airness
  146. New hobby
  147. Audio-books
  148. Grocery store food is absolutely disgusting
  149. Being short in this world
  150. 2016 NFL Thread: Brady's Balls Strike Back
  151. Windows 10
  152. Heaviest Intros of All Time
  153. Ban length
  154. if you could see the future
  155. MX Geoguessr Challenge
  156. How to make an old Mac run more smoothly?
  157. Neil Young sucks balls
  158. Best Vocalist of the 90's
  159. Your Favorite Music Video Thread (Mix With Caution)
  160. Best Red Hot Chili Peppers album
  161. Best Movie Soundtracks
  162. The Worst Music Videos Of All Time
  163. Let's Cringe Together
  164. Post here when you're at your wife's house
  165. Danzig is a Pussy
  166. Christians
  167. Banned for no reason
  168. Songs You Are Obsessed With Currently
  169. Winona Ryder Hate Club
  170. I had a bad day
  171. A young woman was kicked out of Six Flags on her birthday for her shirt! Come on!
  172. Best Live Performances on Guitar
  173. Rio 2016
  174. The "600 Calorie Diet"
  175. Post your favorit pieces of art
  176. Metallica Sucks
  177. hey!
  178. Slaytanic Wehrmacht
  179. beer
  180. NFL Pick'em Week 1
  181. NFL Pick'em Week 2
  182. NFL Pick'em Week 3
  183. NFL Pick'em Week 4
  184. NFL Pick'em Week 5
  185. NFL Pick'em Week 6
  186. NFL Pick'em Week 7
  187. NFL Pick'em Week 8
  188. NFL Pick'em Week 9
  189. NFL Pick'em Week 10
  190. NFL Pick'em Week 11
  191. NFL Pick'em Week 12: Turkey Day
  192. NFL Pick'em Week 13
  193. NFL Pick'em Week 14
  194. NFL Pick'em Week 15
  195. NFL Pick'em Week 16
  196. NFL Pick'em Divisional Rd (Playoffs)
  197. Who is your favorite classical composer?
  198. NFL Pick'em Conference Championships
  199. Hey Hollywood, here's a secret for making better films...
  200. Come hang out with me
  201. Mixtape
  202. What would you do if you could be a woman for a day?
  203. “Skilf stands out from the crowd with well crafted beats and strong wordplay” RWD Mag
  204. Chonkillah drops his hot new single Medicine
  205. NFL Pick'em: SUPER BOWL (Feb. 5th)
  206. Most radical cover songs
  207. Okay drumset?
  208. Chris Willis & Joachim Garraud’s “Message to the World” receives the Remix Treatment
  209. Sebastian Azul drops empowering New Single “I’m the Girl”
  210. The backwards rapper
  211. Can you believe all the shit that was on Shania Twain 'Come on Over'
  212. Step by Step
  213. Jeremy Kyle
  214. i am a fucking veteran yeaaaaaa
  215. where in the world are you?
  216. Would U Catch A Bullet For Me????
  217. It's finally here
  218. Remembering Ronald Reagan
  219. Paramore
  220. Best Guitarist Poll
  221. Metalligaga
  222. Metallica and Megadeth get screwed by the Grammys again
  223. Need Help in picking a new guitar
  224. They should do the Slammy Awards but for regular things
  225. Why does Sputnik hate Run the Jewels?
  226. remember that last Pope, before the guy right now
  227. The Worst Invention of All Time
  228. Where are all other forums??
  229. Hi
  230. Can Someone tell me how to add an avatar to my profile?
  231. Game Over Man, Game Over...
  232. Democracy
  233. Crack head on Wheel of Fortune
  234. Ever dream you're in a supermarket
  235. I have decided to become John Wick
  236. There's a mistersnitch post from few years ago which is the greatest post of all time
  237. Saccao releases pulsating new single Deep Deep Lovin'
  238. I Write Music And I'd Be Incredibly Appreciative If Someone Listened
  239. So
  240. JH Kitchens Reviews
  241. Need help!
  242. Favorite moment from Harry Connick Jr.'s talk show
  243. The Tortured Psychology of a Tortured Man
  244. Hate Ed Sheeran
  245. Fucking prod
  246. What If: Jay Leno Went Back to the French Revolution?
  247. Beware the Ides of March
  248. What happened to Plexiglass?
  249. Rec Me the Riffs
  250. Mrs. Pachelbel's Cannons