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March 12th 2013


Also if you actually have some super blackened psychedelic sludge-inspired doom metal I would be very much interested pleeeeease.

Sure, just keep in mind that was a little exagerated. lol. I'll throw a bandcamp link in your shout box.

March 12th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Nice to see this being reviewed. Numbers, For Those About to Drown and Illuminati rule hard.

March 12th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

Illuminati is the best song on here i think

Staff Reviewer
March 12th 2013


atrink check retropolis too that's my favorite flower kings from what i've heard

Digging: Langhorne Slim - Lost At Last, Vol 1

March 12th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

This is great but it lacked a certain edge for me.

March 13th 2013


Nice review overall, Ipod. Here are some things I've noticed.

First off, your opening paragraph will flow much better without the first sentence.

"Somehow, since releasing the group’s debut back in 1995, The Flower Kings"

Grammatically, this - if manipulated enough - could read "The Flower Kings, since releasing the group's debut..." So I'd change " the group's" to "their".

"Mixing your everyday progressive patterns with the occasional folk instrument,"

The utilization of 'your' here is distracting and unnecessary.

"and excellently well-presented crooned male vocals"

Too much fluff here. Just stick with one descriptor, especially since these all mean similar things.

"Careful though,"

Careful, though - *

"this album will need some time to sink in especially with its nine tracks finishing just over the hour and fifteen minute mark"

Comma after 'in,' and I'd just say 75 minutes at the end instead. More concise.

"Banks Of Eden is not too far away from the mentioned old-school vibe but it does manage to have a clean modern flair to the music, thus making Banks Of Eden a mix of old and new, formed into something spectacular."

This is a good sentence. It just has a little too much. I'd take out the last phrase and add 'spectacular' to the previous phrase, so it reads 'spectacular mix of old and new'

"With the first track taking up the bulk of the album’s runtime"

Since you already mentioned the track as an opener, I'd drop the 'first.'

"The overall sound is smooth mixing time signatures, mellow leads interesting guitar solos and positively enough a bass with presence following the rhythmic percussions without a need for show boating"

Add a comma after 'smooth,' 'leads,' 'and,' and 'enough.' Also, this last part drags a lot. I'd advise rephrasing. Also, I think it's either 'showboating' or 'show-boating.'

March 13th 2013


" take ‘Pandemonium’ for example"

I'd put this in parentheses.

"What this track also shows, is that bands can alter vocals without ruining passages with auto-tune, The Flower Kings maintain that crooning to the vocals even with the effect."

No need for a comma after 'shows.' And I think this is a run-on. If I'm reading it correctly, you could split the sentences after 'auto-tune.'

"making a listen fresh and enjoyable"

I'd consider changing this to either "making for a fresh and enjoyable listen" or "making the listen fresh and enjoyable."



"Banks Of Eden explore and map out the world of progressive rock, stopping only to captivate the listener and despite being released in the middle of 2012, is one of years strongest releases."

'Explore' and 'map out' are redundant, since they mean essentially the same thing. I'd stick with 'map out,' since it's a unique phrase. The last part is very disconnected from the rest of the sentence, but even if you keep it, you'll need to change the subject to the band. After all, here you're saying Banks of Eden is one of *the year's* strongest releases.

"depth shown throughout the entire of the record"

'the entire of' is unnecessary.

"Sections intertwine and caress the next taking care to not outweigh or outshine the next"

Intertwine with*, and there should be a comma after 'next.'

As you can probably tell, this is mostly grammatical junk. Just keep in mind everything I said here for your future reviews, and you'll be in good form. Also know that the content of the review is very good. Once you get the grammatical kinks sorted out, you'll have a fine review on your hands.

March 14th 2013


Wow, that was a lot of text, all fantastic pointers though. Can I critique the critique though? ; ]

To make these extended comments easier to read, try pointing out the errors with [quote ] and [/quote ]. It becomes easier that way to differ the text.

I'll say thank you for the input. It seems I still have a lot of things to consider. Hopefully though, day by day I can still build on my writing. : ]

March 14th 2013


Will do, sir!

March 17th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

This is great but it lacked a certain edge for me. [2]

They haven't really altered their sound since the last album like they did on Unfold the Future, now

that was a really great album.

"I'm surprised at the low number of vote counts on all their albums"

Likewise, they're unknown even to prog fans. Could be the name.

April 17th 2013


Album Rating: 3.5

The bass on Fireghosts is so good.

May 28th 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

I put this in as a vote for one of the top ten votes for the best of 2012 last year. This definately needed a review. nice job.

October 21st 2013


Album Rating: 4.0

Great album. The length of the songs, the technical abilities of the players and the rythm stuff that goes on makes this a progressive rock album, however sound-wise it's pretty poppy and not at all progressive in the literal sense of the word.

The comment that no two parts are the same on this album is not all true. There are numerous repeats, encores and coda's which do give this album a coherent feel. Disc 2 with the outtakes is ok, with the exception of the horrendous song "Going Up", which almost makes me dislike the rest of the album a little bit.... Bad thing considering it's a bonus disc...

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