Queen of Golden Dogs

A tour de force of all things electronic, ambient, danceable, and classical.
The Prodigy
No Tourists

The Prodigy continues to meet expectations.
James Newton Howard
The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Timeless tradition with a modern twist.
The Algorithm
Compiler Optimization Techniques

Whether you like The Algorithm or not, the fact remains that RĂ©mi Gallego's main project has done a lot to take the reins of progressive metal's new commanding er
Julia Holter

Free-wheeling dreams
Thom Yorke

A haunting, at times beautiful double album that finds Thom Yorke widening his songwriting horizons.
John Carpenter
Halloween (2018)

It all comes full circle.
Aphex Twin

An elaborately engineered matrix, sprawling in scope and bottomless in depth.
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