20 years into their career and Soilwork still manage to excel.
Born of Osiris
The Simulation

Born of Osiris by the numbers, packaged for those with better things to do.
Sower of Wind

Not without direction. Naught without direction.

My, my what big ears you have.
All Hope Is Gone: 10th Anniversary Edition

Still just as disappointing a decade on from its release.
Cenotaph Obscure

Obliteration return to satiate our cravings for all things profane and unholy
Chapel of Disease
...and as We Have Seen the Storm, We Have Embraced

Don’t let the hotel-art album cover fool you, this might be the most electrifying death metal outing this year.
In the Woods...
Cease the Day

Gentle, ethereal, nostalgic...but also an album that comes with the threat of great disappointment, depending on how you like this musical style.
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