At the Skylines   The Secrets To Life
2.9 Release Date: 2012

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1.5 very poorwacknizzle | May 7th 12

This band has no idea how to structure a song. I could tell that at some point in each song their would be a completely pointless and overdone breakdown.

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3.0 goodallaneason35 | November 29th 12

I love post-hardcore so thats why this has a decent rating, but this is typical of the genre and it is nothing special. Many other bands do a better job of what ATS is trying to do


3.0 goodDeuce8311 | July 5th 12

Can't help but to say this sounds generic at times, but that doesn't mean it's that bad. For me the CD took a little while to pick up, but "Let's Burn This" and "Turbulence" were placed perfectly in the middle to catch my attention. Overall it's nothing special, but nothing that bad either. It almost sounds like the band doesn't know what they want their sound to be. It's light and poppy one minute, and then takes a turn for heavy the next. I guess this isn't bad since it kinda adds variety, but they need to find their sound so they don't get categorized as just another generic "scenecore" band.


4.0 excellentEricmanifesto | June 26th 12

These guys are one of my favorite bands, and i think this album has alot of creativity! Although there are parts missing from 'the amazing atom' that were on the original recording i wished they would have kept in the album's version. But overall i think the album is creative, and i think its a good step after tgeir EP.


2.5 averageThomas Sanborn | May 8th 12

their EP was great compared to this generic, scenecore bullshit. at least "turbulence" is somewhat catchy.


2.0 poorSeraph | April 11th 12

Aside from "143 Princess", "Turbulence" and the leastwise catchy "Chapter 7" this is pure rubbish. It's hard to even bear the first three songs of this disc. Imagine a bastard of Asking Alexandria, Enter Shikari and Cartel. Sounds retarded? It is. Brutal scenecore takes turns with cheesy, poorly sung pop punk. Thank god they borrowed Kellin Quinn from Sleeping With Sirens which tries to make a brave rescue effort at the end of the record...only the light of his presence keeps this longplayer above total squits-material in the 1.0/1.5-regions.


4.5 superbcoltonZ | June 6th 14
2.0 poorvMusicaLity | March 16th 14
1.0 awfulshodan007 | December 15th 13
4.0 excellentBAMF18 | December 9th 13
3.0 goodSpeed512 | November 11th 13
3.0 goodCaptainMunch | August 24th 13
3.5 greatRyan Hoffman | July 13th 13
4.0 excellenteskimothunder | July 9th 13
3.0 goodJonathan Mazaltov | June 3rd 13
2.5 averageloganswope | April 17th 13
3.5 greatRavensfan9 | April 16th 13
3.0 goodLagerbottoms | March 4th 13
1.5 very poorSun2Moon | February 12th 13
3.5 greatDevon Marie | January 23rd 13
2.5 averageABlandLife | December 9th 12
2.5 averageBabyJ | November 30th 12
3.5 greatkizmang | November 25th 12
2.5 averageZoneOut | November 17th 12
2.5 averageZikana | November 13th 12
2.5 averageCrashdown | November 4th 12
2.0 poorYou Are My Everlovin' | October 21st 12
3.5 greatfyffe | October 21st 12
2.5 average6Callejon6 | September 14th 12
3.5 greatdswhite85 | August 1st 12
1.5 very poorSam Cowen | August 1st 12
5.0 classicSeanD | July 23rd 12
5.0 classicskyeatsme | July 23rd 12
5.0 classicmakememe | July 23rd 12
3.5 greatSwingThatShxt | July 1st 12
2.0 poorAlexd93 | June 27th 12
1.0 awfulSideshowBob | June 11th 12
2.5 averageKosherSoldier | May 27th 12
5.0 classicdevastatingtuck | May 2nd 12
1.5 very poorChris Higgins | April 29th 12
2.0 poorDevastator | April 23rd 12
2.5 averageDropdeadWHA | March 31st 12
2.5 averageMosh | March 31st 12

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