Obie Trice   Bottoms Up
Release Date: 2012

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5.0 classicDotEight | April 3rd 12

Album is phenomenal. Obie Trice back to his Cheers days.

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3.5 greatBeram C. Lansay | February 10th 13

Heavy hooks, guest emcees galore, and enough tracks to satisfy. Bottoms up is a great listen for those who long for early 2000's mainstream rap. The beats are funky and well produced, Obie is on par with his verses, and the choruses are very catchy.

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2.5 averagesnoopdogg6969 | September 4th 12

obie trice is only average, good relative to mainstream, rap. JJ DOOM is much better than this in 2012

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3.5 greatelephantREVOLUTION | July 25th 12

holy shit i wasn't expecting to like this that much

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4.0 excellentDeuce8311 | June 19th 12

Real and raw, which is the way rap should be. Thanks in part to excellent production from Dre and Eminem which is no surprise, Obie is back with a vengeance. Bringing his trademark uncut lyrics about the streets, violence, and sex Bottoms Up delivers with some damn good beats as well. An excellent rap album that will sadly be overlooked because it likely won't be played on mainstream radio, but real rap fans will find Bottoms Up and love it.

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2.0 poorBiOZed | July 16th 12

Pretty good rapping, unbearable hooks, 10-years-old-mainstream inspired beats, an other what-the-fuck-with-him Eminem's verse, songs where I can hardly find any interest in Obie's subject... Sure this albums has its moments, but there's definitly too much flaws.


4.5 superbeljonny | May 7th 12

Very little filler, high quality beats and lyrics. Obie is back! Highlights: Going No Where, Battle Cry, Spill My Drink, Spend the Day, My Time, Up and Down, Crazy, and Lebron On.Like I said.... Very little filler. Even almost all the non-highlight tracks like Petty (Seems like this track is a satire??? That's how I took it) and I Pretend are memorable. Didn't expect it, but the track with Mr. Mathers is a low point on the record. They've both got great flow but the lyrics and beat are terribly mediocre. Anyway, if you like Obie, or just good hip-hop in general, get this album.


5.0 classicMoe Lester | December 30th 14
3.5 greatShockAndAwe | November 30th 14
2.5 averageganjakush56 | October 22nd 13
3.5 greatRastaman | October 19th 13
2.5 averagepetarserafimovski | October 4th 13
3.0 goodDevin Day | December 27th 12
4.0 excellentganjawanja13 | December 20th 12
2.5 averageYou Are My Everlovin' | December 15th 12
4.0 excellentApexPredator | November 29th 12
3.0 goodPooh Nannah | October 23rd 12
2.5 averagephiloniouspurp | August 7th 12
2.5 averageAndrew Jon Stevens | August 2nd 12
3.5 greatHjertify | July 20th 12
2.0 poorOneZeroZero | July 19th 12
4.5 superbAustin Newell | July 13th 12
4.0 excellentDday | June 15th 12
4.5 superbCityofGhosts | April 25th 12
4.0 excellentTheMushuPork | April 25th 12
3.5 greatInveigh | April 22nd 12
4.0 excellentTrevor Spiers | April 17th 12
5.0 classicmassivebox | April 14th 12
3.5 greatmikhau20 | April 10th 12
4.0 excellentkrazytom | April 4th 12
5.0 classicQuade Elvin | April 2nd 12
5.0 classicecdysone | March 24th 12
5.0 classicThe Hamburgler | March 24th 12
5.0 classicaustralia | March 24th 12
5.0 classicthe academy | March 24th 12
5.0 classicJohn Lennon b.h.w. STAFF | March 24th 12

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