Demilich   The Four Instructive Tales... of Decomposition
Ranking: #59 for 1991

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3.5 greatAlabaster Jones | October 3rd 16

Legendary Finnish death metal group Demilich made some of the most angular and strange death metal out there in the early 90's. While the material on The Four Instructive Tales... ...Of Decomposition is not quite as out there from the spidery masterpiece Nespithe, there are still a couple of moments here and there that establish a connection as well as standing on its own as some really solid and enjoyable death metal. Antti Boman's vocals are the most outlandish thing about this release, as while the musicianship and songwriting here are really good, they're not anything wholly original quite yet. All this said, if you want a little bit of context as to what the band was before their illustrious debut full-length, or just want some old school death metal done correctly, you can't go wrong with this demo.

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3.5 greatEugene Kamrass | December 30th 13

Demilich makes some awesome death metal with this first EP. Instrumentally, it is some of the best I heard in terms of especially the riffs but also the drumming. Where this EP goes slightly downhill is in the vocals, they're not bad, but they are the exact same the whole EP, which are the really low guttural sounding ones. Now in terms of recording, I know it was early for the band, but I feel they made the vocals also slightly too loud above the rest of the music in the mixing process. Demilich still rules!


4.0 excellentUncle Vvornth | January 29th 13

one of the best demos I've heard by far


3.5 greatwexenhex | October 21st 12

the riffs are fucking brutal as are the drums. production is pretty fuvking good actually
but the vocals are...weird. most will tell you that. its literally just burping in a kind
of..talking way. no tune to it. but somehow it works. maybe its just cuz the riffs are
fucking awesome.

gonna review their full length soon


4.0 excellentM. S. Nielsen | April 3rd 12

at one point its like someones burping taking a shit and flushing down at once. also heavier than nespithe


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4.0 excellentAndy H. B. | March 30th 12
4.0 excellentbabyhitch | March 7th 12

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