Alvin Band   Rainbow Road
3.8 Release Date: 2011

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4.0 excellentYoung Buck | March 4th 12

This is what happens when some guys who play instruments really well and really like Animal Collective take a lot of drugs and make an album about Nintendo games

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4.3 superbJacob Royal STAFF | December 29th 12

This is more Of Montreal than anything, which makes me really happy.

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2.5 averageA J M H CONTRIBUTOR | April 3rd 12

oh come on

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3.5 greatfruitytuity123 | April 19th 13

wow this band makes better music than animal collective but they sound like them so they must be clones!!!!!!!


0.0 My valentine isn't the only thing that's bleeding. My ears | April 5th 13

This is the funnest album ever. of Montreal sounds, psychedelic sounds, Oh god, Super Mario
64 for pete sakes. I love this thing to death. Lyrics are a bit silly, but they remind me
that we're all kids inside :D


0.0 Sam Feldman's Rating | June 3rd 12

crazy high and stan kubrick for the win


3.5 greatSam Feldman | March 6th 12

Whether this is ripping off Animal Collective or just paying homage is irrelevant because this is truly awesome smoking music. Light up them blunts.


3.5 greatelgrandelindo | August 16th 13
3.0 goodSam McPherson | January 22nd 13
4.5 superbWombat988 | November 5th 12
3.5 greatJThack4 | July 27th 12
4.0 excellentEli Schoop | June 21st 12
4.0 excellentAdam Downer STAFF | March 9th 12
4.0 excellentTanner Lichty (Twlichty) | March 6th 12
2.5 averageJosh S. | March 5th 12
4.5 superbINFINITY ACTRESS | February 13th 12
5.0 classicLeHoneybadger | January 1st 12

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