Mylo Destroy Rock And Roll
3.8 Ranking: #117 for 2005

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4.0 excellentAndru Okenuf | July 17th 14

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3.5 greatSalteyBacon | August 25th 13

An enjoyable Listen with a blend of House, Trip Hop and DJ set music. For those who enjoy interesting background music to complete work.


4.5 superbjkk45 | April 9th 13

Uplifting, melodic are two words to describe this superb album. Combining elements of Downtempo, House and Synthpop it's a rollerocaster ride from start to finish. Great use of vocals bring the tracks to life.rHighlights:rIn My Arms, Paris Four Hundred, Drop The Pressure, Guilty Of Love


0.0 Worth | December 26th 11

When is this guy dropping an original LP again? It's been more than half a decade... coast much?


3.5 greatBig Baby Jesus | May 24th 08

A truly awesome and mellow album with extremely creative samples. The guy can make an awesome song out of some guy saying "Muthafucka gonna drop tha pressure!", or a crazy religious dude saying 80's rock bands that need to be destroyed (Including "David Booie" "Cyndi Looper", lol.), it's really a must listen. and arguably the best song on the album ("Rikki") is a sample of a woman going:
ah-ii-yea-ii-Yea-ii-ii-oh-Ii-Yea-yea-wa--ii-yea-".... Or something like that. May annoy some, but overall a great album.....Missing Persons.....Duran Duran.....Missing Persons.....Duran Duran.......Missing Persons......Duran Duran.....Duran Duran......Duran Duran.....DURAN DURAN!!!


3.5 greatImInHysteria | August 17th 07

Drop the Pressure was a song I would play constantly on this album while the other songs I listened to just a few times and didn't really like it...


4.5 superbexiledjedi | June 21st 06

I love this album. Honestly, I think this is right in the ranks with daft punk and crystal method. Mylo is a genius at what he does, and thats obviousley write music. Some people might say he gets repettive, but thats what I seem to like about him, his beats are so nice and for the most part, his songs are so down tempo. "In my arms" is the best track on this CD, followed by "sunworshiper".


3.5 greatDisruptor | April 26th 14
3.0 goodmatzo | December 21st 13
4.0 excellentastorminheaven | June 20th 13
4.0 excellentJBull | May 16th 13
4.5 superbAustin | January 9th 13
3.0 goodUntitledKirk | November 18th 12
3.5 greatsotirakis123 | July 6th 12
3.0 goodpf | March 20th 12
4.5 superbOlafTheOne | February 29th 12
4.0 excellentchayka | February 7th 12
5.0 classicTransaven | December 28th 11
4.0 excellentIkemefuna | April 7th 11
3.5 greatendorphin | October 6th 10
3.5 greatWoebegoneWanderer | August 7th 10
3.5 greatperlox | July 27th 10
4.0 excellentKieran1992 | July 25th 10
4.0 excellentYotimi | July 2nd 10
3.5 greatSblang | June 5th 10
3.5 greatDavid James Young | January 24th 10
3.5 greatSleepyJack | January 7th 10
4.0 excellentsuperemopanda | December 28th 09
4.0 excellentDavid Ham | November 26th 09
3.0 goodSkyler | August 15th 09
4.0 excellentBlackMarketReview | May 1st 09
3.5 greatKakz | November 25th 08
4.0 excellentdefjaw83 | October 30th 08
4.0 excellentThan | November 25th 07
3.5 greatbarbarian | November 1st 07
3.5 greatcaptainsardonic
5.0 classicdeviljoo
4.0 excellentppP
3.0 goodsobelecta
3.5 greatOblivioncry
3.5 greatsamthebassman

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