Sirens and Sailors   Still Breathing
Release Date: 2010

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3.5 greatLordpanch | February 16th 11

I enjoy the highs of the screamer, they're something strange

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3.0 goodIleftyspankedU | December 24th 13

They have a new album that's better than this IMO. Anyone able to put it up here?


3.5 greatBlackLlama | December 9th 11

Solid effort. Kinda of a been there and done that thing, but it's 'core' release so it's hard to bitch about a band doing 'core' music. The vocalist has some chops when it comes to his screams though.


3.5 greatChris Higgins | May 25th 11

'Still Breathing' is an energetic and pounding album held together by it's mix of sounds and terrific vocals.


4.5 superbLLMetal | December 15th 10

Blown away by the these guys. A DIY band with promise. This CD took me on a journey through just about every emotion, and left me wanting more. From raw energy to the ferocious vocals and instrumentation work, these guys got it. Put them in a studio with some of the industries best, and I guarantee they come out with a hit record. A new personal favorite. Can't wait to see who picks them up and puts them on the road. A good investment indeed. Cheers fellas!


4.5 superbFullBlownStoned | December 15th 10

Absolutely great in my opinion. Love the constant time signature changes. The vocals are perfect. Drums varied and solid and the guitar work was exceptional.


3.5 greatCrazyDrummer4562 | November 21st 10

Lots of energy, very punchy and solid all around...good drum work especially, but brings nothing new to the table. Still enjoyable though.


3.0 goodTheDjentyRanga | August 31st 15
3.5 greatMelodicIntensity | April 14th 15
3.0 goodPeterSch | April 6th 15
3.5 greatAaron Jackson | December 31st 14
3.5 greatBetray | July 1st 14
3.0 goodApplaudBlue | April 22nd 14
3.5 greatxXbrooksXxp | March 5th 14
2.5 averagerandon678 | October 20th 13
3.5 greattrilliamdean | November 22nd 12
3.5 greatFrisbee | May 8th 12
3.5 greatisthathenry | March 10th 12
3.5 greatfouryearstrong | January 26th 12
3.5 greatAdamK | July 22nd 11
3.5 greatI Am The Sputnikker | July 11th 11
5.0 classicDumbleCore | July 11th 11
3.5 greatdswhite85 | January 15th 11
3.5 greatKulti | January 1st 11
3.0 goodxScottySevenfoldx | December 15th 10
3.0 goodGrog50 | December 14th 10
4.0 excellentGhostK | December 3rd 10
3.5 greatWooltoHidetheWolves | November 29th 10
3.5 greatUnknown Amongst Sputnik | November 24th 10

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