Gang of Four   Shrinkwrapped
Release Date: 1995

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3.5 greatMarko Polovina | October 19th 10

Sometimes we dislike change and despite what people might think about Gang of Four 20 years ago when this album was released its clearly a different sound. Electronic and voice samples play a major part in their '95 effort and it works for the most part. The mixing on this album is quite dark and masks a lot of the instrumental work that once was a bright light for the group, instead focusing on the more calm King vocals, other than the normal shouts we all loved on his first 3 albums. Shrinkwrapped in essence is a modern day 90's record by Gang of Four, who still possess both musical vitality in both a lyrical and instrumental sense. The production does muddle things a bit, almost shutting out a stabbing guitar that really propels this record. A pleasant surprise by all means, especially since this was their second reformation, it sounds like a more reinvigorated Gang of Four, which still have some massive quality left within them.


1.5 very poorJordan Hageman | March 14th 16
3.5 greatStrangeOwl | December 25th 15
2.5 averageSandwichBubble | December 5th 15
1.0 awfulrovert620 | September 13th 15
3.0 goodAndreasFlea | June 1st 15
2.0 poortheyam | February 27th 15
2.5 averageSithese | December 31st 14
2.5 averagefuzzbutt | December 29th 14
2.5 averagewindmill | December 9th 14
1.5 very poorChoam Nomsky | October 21st 14
2.0 poorfuckified | August 28th 14
1.5 very poorNoneShallPass | August 26th 14
3.0 goodIntenseSerenity | September 14th 13
2.0 poorHipster9000 | April 7th 13
2.0 poorRobVanSchuldiner | March 19th 13
5.0 classicwhitefinger | February 9th 13
3.0 goodParxx | June 12th 12
2.5 averageAustin Newell | November 14th 11
2.0 poorPierre Hysterical | March 7th 11
2.5 averageMatski | January 25th 11

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