Gang of Four   Mall
Release Date: 1991

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2.5 averageMarko Polovina | October 17th 10

The weirdest thing about Mall is that although the group tries to put out a better effort then the atrocious Hard, it still sounds both under standards and completely different then what we are accustomed too. For one the synth throughout the album makes it sound like a lite-industrial affair, but it really isn't because they aren't nearly hard-hitting as other acts at the whats up with this album? Well, Gang of Four reform to put out a pretty average record that shows flashes of their visceral brilliance, but most of it is untapped potential that is left out to rot in the middle of nowhere.


2.0 poorTWIGtheWONDERKID | February 28th 15
1.5 very poortheyam | February 27th 15
2.0 poorSithese | December 31st 14
1.5 very poorfuzzbutt | December 29th 14
1.5 very poorwindmill | December 9th 14
2.0 poorChoam Nomsky | October 21st 14
3.0 goodIntenseSerenity | September 14th 13
2.0 poorHipster9000 | April 7th 13
1.0 awfulRobVanSchuldiner | March 19th 13
1.5 very poorKaramazov | January 12th 13
3.0 goodbonus | December 27th 11
2.0 poorAustin Newell | November 14th 11
2.5 averageLivinglegend | September 5th 11
2.5 averagePierre Hysterical | March 7th 11
2.0 poorMatski | January 25th 11
2.5 averageKiran EMERITUS | November 26th 10

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