Omar S Just Ask the Lonely
4.0 Ranking: #1 for 2005

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4.0 excellentRangDang | May 5th 13

Amazing, near flawless record by a bitterly underrated artist. Although he relies heavily on repetition, he uses it to his best ability to make the music seem trancy and hypnotic; menacing tracks such as 'Strider's World' and 'Out of Control' are like this, along with the smooth '100% House', or even the reflective, emotionally tragic 'Just Ask the Lonely', every track seems to somehow get under your skin one or another. Excellent album from a man that needs more fame.


0.0 Ryan W. | August 6th 11

Just ask the Lonely is one of those albums that will leave you wondering, how could something so simply made be so incredibly emotional and touching? Well, that is partially do to the deep and meaningful grooves the man known as Omar S can put out. The amount of warm feeling played on by literally each track can be almost too much to handle. The prominent Detroit Techno, Funk, and some Soul influences rest heavily on each track. The main power that drives this album is the title track itself, which is minimalism simply done in an absolutely breathtaking matter. The track is basically a simple drum kick that softly adds onto a few Piano chords, which will then drive the album into overdrive. One of the fewest tracks and albums in general that can accomplish so much, given so little. JATL is overall an amazing and warm release by the man sure to make future leaps, Omar S.


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5.0 classicDaniel Incognito EMERITUS | October 2nd 10

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