System Divide   The Conscious Sedation
Release Date: 2010

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3.5 greatHereComesTheStorm33 | September 30th 10

Drum Work is great. Female vocals are good. Guitars are also good. Some melodies in the album are amazing. Screams are terrible, and really ruin some of the songs.

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2.5 averagehybridstigmata | October 7th 10

I had high hopes for this cd considering Sven was doing vocals for it. He is one of my favorite vocalists. His performance is always brutal and intense. So I picked this up after having gotten the e.p. and was hoping it would be a great cd. I gotta say, it's mediocre at best. The female vocals really just ruin it for me. It would be one thing if her voice was unique like say Sfinx from Ram-Zet or the girl from The Agonist, but no the female vocals on this cd are nothing special and actually get annoying. I believe that the singer is Sven's wife, although I could be wrong. Anyways, another thing that really annoyed me were all the very predictable bass drops throughout the cd. When listening to it in my truck with a amp and 2 12's, I got to where I could predict when the next sampled bass drop thing would hit, over and over again. I'm sure the new Aborted cd will make up for this.


3.0 goodtruekeish | September 24th 10

I'm not against the female vocals. I just feel it doesn't blend well with this band. Sure if
it didn't have it it may sound like "every other band" so to speak. But I personally would
disagree with that. Also most of the breakdowns seemed weak and unnecessary.


3.0 goodrobotore | May 4th 16
4.0 excellentPoss3ss3d | February 17th 15
2.5 averageANJ45 | November 11th 12
3.5 greatYUJOS | October 30th 12
2.5 averagedemjunz | April 20th 12
3.0 goodCakeWithCream | April 20th 12
4.0 excellentThomas | April 6th 12
3.5 greatTrey Spencer STAFF | November 29th 11
5.0 classicRemyjking | July 28th 11
3.5 greatRedTravis713 | March 18th 11
3.0 goodIleftyspankedU | February 17th 11
4.0 excellent32left | February 5th 11
3.0 goodrreddrop | December 22nd 10
2.5 averageSmevin Bravis | December 13th 10
3.0 goodCurse. | December 13th 10
3.0 goodgallus90 | November 4th 10
3.0 goodcheekycrust | September 19th 10
3.0 goodCutMan | September 18th 10
2.0 poorJerryJanko | September 17th 10
3.0 goodVJ90 | September 10th 10
3.0 goodtnp101 | September 9th 10

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