DragonForce   Twilight Dementia
Release Date: 2010

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3.5 greatAlex Newton | March 15th 11

The production leaves a lot to be desired and ZP spends way too much time swearing for no
apparent reason, but the guitarists and Mackintosh sure bring it. If nothing else, it shows
that Dragonforce aren't nearly the punch-line that people have made them out to be.

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2.0 poordeadrisingx1 | December 4th 13

The music is good, but ZP's gratuitous swearing just sours the album. And what he did to Valley of the Damned was really pointless.


3.0 goodBloodandRainbows | October 13th 12

"warrior with his cock in hand"...it was great until that line.


3.0 goodCarbonKhazi | July 20th 11

While this showcase shows that Dragonforce are more than capable of playing live, the vocals are lazy and the music can sound pretty thin when they play guitar harmonies (Due to the lack of rhythm guitar playing). Despite all this the performance is pretty much spot on, the guitar soloing is epic and extreme, the drumming is close to insane and the keyboard work backs up the music very well.


4.0 excellentarisaka | December 29th 10

A great performance from DragonForce, one of the most famous metal bands. Also one of the most hated, one of the reasons being that they sucked live, judging from the horrible cellphone recordings and sound problems backstage. DragonForce completely demolishes this notion with the release of this live album. Everything is spot-on, including the vocals. A nice listen, and the album that brought me back to DragonForce after a few long years. In fact, the only thing I don't like is how often ZP Theart swears, IMO, a little too often. "Fuck yeah!"


5.0 classicRepsaj | March 11th 15
4.0 excellentSomewhereintime | July 24th 14
4.0 excellentdarthnorf | July 22nd 14
2.5 averagegolfandcars2 | February 6th 14
3.5 greatAnianki123 | July 20th 13
1.5 very poorChris Jones | June 14th 13
1.5 very poordemon of surveillance | April 28th 13
3.0 goodvictorhs | January 15th 13
2.5 averagetharikleo | September 28th 12
3.5 greatnikonic | September 16th 12
3.5 greatKyokushinMaster | September 21st 11
3.5 greatspamming4life | June 6th 11
1.0 awfularchangelffx | May 6th 11
3.0 goodPropaneNightmares | March 1st 11
3.5 greatRyan Adams | February 20th 11
3.5 great05McDonaldT | January 31st 11
3.0 goodWolfyous | December 28th 10
1.0 awfulVagina Coast Guard | December 6th 10
1.0 awfulfr33convict | October 23rd 10
4.0 excellentcrownmt1200 | October 22nd 10
5.0 classicDrakodan | September 22nd 10
2.5 averagegbowles | September 18th 10

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