Witch   Paralyzed
Release Date: 2008

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2.5 averageArchibald C. Burke | February 18th 11

Perhaps fearing the pigeon-hole that generally befalls bands that sound similar to Witch, the unit abandons some of their fuzz and Sabbath-inspired riffs for more of a crusty, punk sound. The departure really isnít all that extreme, but for this listener, that fuzzy charm seems much more absent here than on the previous record. The band retains their somewhat doomy atmosphere, but in the process seem to lose their ability to compose good songs. There is some material here that should keep fans at least a little pacified, but there are enough tracks that almost seem intentionally redundant/annoying. I guess I just failed to see the big picture with Witch and their sophomore effort; perhaps having a little too high hopes didnít help things either. I still have faith in this bandís ability to create music more true to their debut record, but weíll have to wait to find out.


3.5 greatNicholas von Nuclearrape | August 21st 16
4.0 excellentbobby72 | August 16th 16
2.5 averageSandwichBubble | July 28th 16
3.0 goodchillin420 | December 28th 15
3.0 goodSuicycoManiac7 | November 25th 15
3.0 goodJarek | April 7th 15
3.0 goodLogan OHara | January 20th 15
2.5 averagelamehorse | November 3rd 14
2.5 averageKriegdemKriege | February 13th 14
3.5 greatsotirakis123 | December 7th 13
3.0 goodmeatpuppets | July 9th 13
3.0 goodkarterfrosner | September 28th 12
2.5 averagepf | March 20th 12
3.0 goodStinkyWizzelteats | January 13th 11
3.5 greatDevynBatchelder | January 7th 11
4.0 excellentsonictheplumber STAFF | December 4th 10
4.5 superbFazyLucker | November 22nd 10
4.0 excellentmiggyi | May 13th 10
4.0 excellentAli | April 18th 10
4.0 excellentKarl V.H. | February 28th 10

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