Jaguar Love   Hologram Jams
Release Date: 2010

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1.5 very poorSevhead | December 1st 11

a crudely-drawn dick on the tombstone of The Blood Brothers

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0.0 PapyrIsGood | April 24th 12

This is a piece of crap. The first one album was great though.


0.0 deathridesahorse | May 13th 10

This album always gets me imagining what it could have sounded like with real drums and less danceclub crap. Plus, after years of defending it against friends, Whitney's voice finally starts to irritate me.


3.5 greatfocksy | April 28th 10

come on guys get real, this shits all over take me to the sea


3.0 goodRob Eastwood | April 22nd 10

Occasionally shows glimpses what Whitney and Votolato are trying to create with 'I Started A Fire' and 'Polaroids And Red Wine', and the last half of the album is an effective moody wash of sound, but too often it is let down by run of the mill songs that irritate the listener more than entertain them. Most disappointingly of all, Whitney's lyrics, usually the strongest part of his work, take a dive as well. Worth a listen but unmemorable


1.0 awfulSnackaryBinx | March 24th 10

my friend keeps on trying to force me to listen to the whole thing insisting all the hemorrhoids this will give me is worth it


2.5 averageklusterfuk | March 3rd 10

Bizarre yet catchy, Hologram Jams offers some interesting tracks but certainly isn't revolutionary or really all that memorable. Rather it just makes me miss The Blood Brothers.


3.0 goodGabe Penisington | February 27th 10

While some high quality tracks keep this a somewhat enjoyable album, about half are unmemorable and simply blend together. Does not live up to the highly charming Highways of Gold or Johnny Whitney's Neon Blonde.


2.5 averagekroglor | July 23rd 14
2.0 poorrattboi | May 20th 14
3.0 goodJoey | February 13th 14
1.0 awfulDanielNightLewis | April 4th 13
1.5 very poorChinaski | November 30th 12
2.0 poorjunyi15 | October 29th 12
4.5 superbratbastard | June 16th 12
3.0 goodNathaniel | January 8th 12
2.5 averageDanny A. III | November 23rd 11
2.0 poorthejared | April 21st 11
3.5 greatTheOrigamiKiller | January 21st 11
3.5 greatfusermix | January 12th 11
3.5 greatlcky7strng | January 4th 11
3.5 greatmegalodon | November 6th 10
1.0 awfulmborlan1 | October 6th 10
1.5 very poorwidowslaugh123 | May 13th 10
1.5 very poorziroth | April 28th 10
3.0 goodPenis Schlongerdon III | April 20th 10
4.0 excellentbsmit45 | March 17th 10
1.0 awfulGhostechoes | March 1st 10
2.5 averageKadir Ari | February 22nd 10
1.0 awfulJohn weathered old reviewer Hanson EMERITUS | February 21st 10
2.5 averageChanning Freeman STAFF | February 20th 10
3.0 goodNikolai Seth | February 19th 10

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