Impaled Nazarene   Latex Cult
Release Date: 1995

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4.0 excellentSkapalPes | June 28th 14

Abdicating of any effort to create some more slower and melodic tracks with strong atmosphere (as on Suomi Finland Perkele), they create an album, which is defining their style up to the present days. They strongly return to the core: grind, crust and hc/punk mixed with original 80s thrash/black metal, all played simple, fast and furious in their very own fashion, what is highly positive, of course. Unluckily, band`s production becomes quite monotonuos, constant fast pace, one song similar to another, nearly no space for diversity left... Song, which is croping out on "Latex Cult" is "Motorpenis", strongly inspired by guess who (bg even plays some kind of solo here, anyway, bg is excellent throughout whole album again as before!). Another favorites: intro and good start with "Karmakeddon Warriors", catchy punk "Violence I Crave" (Satan I obey...), which goes next, and the last one.
Excellent album, although I expected even more talent expressed after "Ugra" and "Suomi"...


3.0 gooddesecravity | April 6th 16
4.0 excellentImpenetrable | February 24th 16
3.0 goodDazSkunk | September 17th 15
2.5 averageHoB | July 20th 15
3.0 goodHellripper | July 20th 15
2.0 poorsonictheplumber STAFF | April 18th 15
3.0 goodAion | March 6th 15
4.0 excellentsymphorce | February 21st 15
2.5 averagesuplexofdeath | June 26th 14
2.5 averageChaosmonger | October 1st 13
3.5 greatamiritsuccumb | April 30th 13
3.0 goodrecycledcopier | March 2nd 13
1.0 awfulDeathPiercedMe | February 27th 13
3.0 goodsagu | September 29th 12
3.0 goodVagitarianZombie | June 27th 12
4.0 excellentDonchivo | March 30th 12
3.5 greatheathendoom | December 25th 11
4.0 excellentstotty | September 25th 11
3.0 goodTrey Spencer STAFF | August 28th 11
3.5 greatLikferd | July 17th 11
3.5 greatbazzim | January 20th 10

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