Lustmord   The Dark Places Of The Earth
Release Date: 2009

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3.5 greatBrandon E.L. Magnuson | October 26th 09

As much as we all would love the world to go out like described F#A# it's probably going to alot more like Lustmord's drone piece The Dark Places Of The Earth; dark, cold and boring. Basically the first and last track are all you need to listen to, otherwise just nothing happens. The opening track Fallen begins with an apocalyptic atmosphere that is quite captivating, to say the least, slowly flowing almost like a build acually making the 16 minutes fly by. Then comes the next track Atom the unsettling, dark ambience flows where you patiently await for something to happen. Nothing ends up happening until the beautiful last track which is hard to enjoy because of the impatience the album breeds. Basically this is a pretty great ambient/ drone record but like most albums from the genre, it's disappointing to think what it could've been.

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3.0 goodRevastran | November 20th 15
3.5 greatinfinium | January 16th 13
4.0 excellentlintu987 | January 4th 13
2.5 averageRedTravis713 | April 8th 12
2.0 poorAuschwitz | February 14th 12
3.0 goodBanderwocky | July 13th 11
2.0 poorFrank Redhot | July 8th 11
3.0 goodBatman | May 23rd 11
1.5 very poorPatchesOHoulihan | May 17th 11
3.0 goodmaddenwings | May 12th 11
3.5 greatChristian A. F. | January 15th 11
2.5 averageAngel EMERITUS | December 6th 10
2.0 poorKenos | September 25th 10
3.5 greatHRLEIF | May 10th 10
3.0 goodaeuk | November 17th 09
3.0 goodNicole | July 18th 09
2.5 averageRob | July 18th 09

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