Death By Stereo   Death Is My Only Friend
Release Date: 2009

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2.0 poorJared Floryan | October 6th 15

It's not totally unlistenable, although at the same time, Death Is My Only Friend really makes one ponder if they're hearing a different band; the only part of Death By Stereo that hasn't changed is Efrem Schulz, who delivers what is his laziest performance here - and that's saying quite a bit, but YMMV on whether you tolerate the guy or not. Sometimes, this album makes Rise Against's latest efforts sound less cringeworthy and less of a pain to sit through by comparison. DBS just didn't care on their fifth full-length recording, but fortunately, the hardcore act reclaimed bits and pieces of their former glory once Black Sheep of the American Dream came into play.


2.5 averageTam-Tam | February 17th 11

Some high moments up there with some of their better work....but thre are portions of this release that made me forget just for a second who the hell I was listening to. What a mixed bag.


2.0 poorReflexion | September 22nd 15
1.5 very poorNeogreen | May 27th 15
3.0 goodNYdubber | August 26th 14
1.5 very poorWellFedWhiteMale | March 21st 14
2.5 averagechrisvasco23 | April 4th 13
1.5 very poorEaglesBecomeVultures | December 17th 12
4.5 superbDrogich999 | March 20th 12
3.0 goodliketotallydude | November 19th 11
4.0 excellenttomorrowcometoday | May 14th 11
2.5 averagetorchedice | April 13th 11
2.5 averageClash | February 19th 11
3.5 greatNeverW0lff777 | January 9th 11
2.0 poorDAVEbelgium | July 26th 10
3.0 goodrogerdiscoversherpes | May 16th 10
3.0 goodHunter Ramirez | October 18th 09
3.0 goodscocia | October 16th 09
2.5 averageMark Campbell | September 25th 09
2.5 averagepfillypfeffer | July 22nd 09
4.5 superbMaddare | July 11th 09
4.0 excellentLisbonGirls

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