Screaming Trees   Clairvoyance
Release Date: 1986

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3.5 greatBrendan Nixon | August 17th 14

On their debut The Screaming Trees surprisingly already have the basic blueprint for their sound well in place. Their near flawless combo of psychedelia and grunge already sounds good with little unoriginality or derivative nature. Mark's voice has developed quite a bit since their demo, with his signature smooth-as-leather, rough-as-nails approach being utilized quite well over the trippy instrumentation. He actually kinda sounds like Jim Morrison, something the other grunge acts never really had. The rest of the band as mentioned before, has a trippy vibe going that very few other "grunge" bands really did; but it doesn't rehash the 60s and 70s, it puts a noisier, more punk spin on things. The main problems with this album though lie in the fact that certain ideas feel uncooked and underdeveloped, despite showing potential. The production is also appropriately raw for their sound, but it sometimes detracts from the punch of the punk side of things. In the end though, Clairvoyance is a very good debut for the band, but they still had yet to reach their fullest potential. Basically a punk twist on The Doors.


2.5 averageMarko Polovina | December 9th 09

Clairvoyance doesn't lack the lyrical talents of Lanegan and co., but what it does is endearing and memorable tracks. "Orange Airplane" is a good starter for the album, but steadily declines into obscurity with less is more approach that falls flat on its face. The production as well is a low point, even if the Screaming Trees were never backed with much support early in their career it seems to seep through on Clairvoyance, for the worst.


3.5 greatSatelliteYears | August 17th 15
3.5 greatBrendan Schroer | July 21st 15
3.0 goodExitOnly | March 30th 15
5.0 classicChickenCatacombs | February 15th 15
3.5 greatLouis Le Douche | August 4th 14
3.0 goodSnoopcow | August 2nd 14
3.5 greatyourgodisinferior | July 29th 14
2.5 averageCocaineCrayons | June 25th 14
2.0 poorLoungeFly23 | April 21st 13
3.0 goodCountZero50 | October 23rd 11
3.0 goodDraven65 | September 13th 11
1.5 very poorBossie | September 11th 11
3.5 greatGriffin | June 19th 11
3.5 greatFeeltheFire | May 29th 11
3.0 goodIre | May 16th 11
3.0 goodJasonStatham | October 11th 10
3.0 goodpiazza31 | March 3rd 10
3.0 goodsonicsoundchaser | February 16th 10
3.0 goodSiameseDreamer | January 4th 10
3.0 goodrhinohog | November 13th 09
3.0 goodderoeckj | August 12th 09
4.0 excellentjordan | July 26th 09
3.5 greatarheez | February 6th 09
3.0 goodtcaporale | December 8th 08

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