Neurosis/Tribes of Neurot   Times of Grace/Grace
Ranking: #15 for 1999

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4.5 superbAndrew W. Gold CONTRIBUTOR | March 20th 14

If you're a Neurosis fan and haven't heard this, you're missing out big time.

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4.5 superbSnackaryBinx | January 14th 09

Times of Grace on it's on is insane. Combining it with the Tribes of Neurot wrecks your shit and the shit of your distant relatives and your hypothetical children.

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4.5 superbBrendan Nixon | April 8th 14

Neurosis's Through Silver in Blood would've been impossible to beat or replicate, so they did what was right and dove further into the ambience that record. This album starts out kind of straightforward but it gets more and more unique and experimental as it continues. One big change I noticed was the addition of ambience to add more atmosphere to the quieter parts in songs such as Belief and End of the Harvest. Additions like this into the already dense and smoky atmosphere make for a very unique and stunning experience. I believe the album is even better with Grace playing next to it personally, as it makes the atmosphere feel fuller and more complete. It adds a little bit of extra haziness, especially in the buildups. Many describe this as a bridge between the early Neurosis sound of albums such as Through Silver in Blood and Souls at Zero, and the mellower sound of A Sun That Never Sets and The Eye of Every Storm. That bridge is very evident on almost every track, which makes the album a unique listen, even in the Neurosis catalog. Overall, one of Neurosis's heavier and denser releases. Without Grace playing by it's side, it could be worth a 4.5/5. With Grace playing by it's side, it's worthy of a 4.7/5. It was a bit of a chore to listen to at first, but it really grew on me.

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