Scarlett Johansson   Anywhere I Lay My Head
Release Date: 2008

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0.0 Alex Beebe | December 11th 12

The issue with actress Scarlett Johansson's debut solo album, Anywhere I Lay My
, is that it sounds like the result of the various people involved in the album
that have nothing in common with one another putting forth ideas that don't work
well with each other, and constantly fighting against each other instead of trying to
connect. Ten of the eleven songs on Anywhere I Lay My Head have Tom Waits
heavily involved in the writing, and since Tom Waits writes songs that are best
suited to be only performed by himself, the dusty and twangy numbers here don't
accurately match Johansson's sultry and low-toned voice that never really reaches
actual singing, and is more along the lines of seductive talking. While the
atmosphere tries to be dreamy, it feels forced as Dave Sitek's production battles
against the styles of Johansson and Waits, giving a constant impression of everything
overwhelming one another and consequently stealing the focal point position away
from Johansson; even though this is supposed to be HER solo album. Let it never be
said that actors and actresses attempts at a career in music aren't typically
ambitious projects, but in this case, Anywhere I Lay My Head unfortunately just
ends up as an over-complicated mess that never comes together.

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0.0 Robert Lowe CONTRIBUTOR | December 1st 12

She's hot

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0.0 Ryan Kroner | December 11th 12

i'd hit that


1.0 awfulDotEight | December 1st 12

She can get the dick, that is all. She can get the dick, that is all.


4.0 excellentchtrenne | December 1st 12

I don't understand a lot of the flack that this album is getting... Falling Down is actually one of my favorite
songs. Her voice is definitely throaty, but I'm into that. The production is beautiful and I like her spin on the
lyrics. I'm admittedly not a huge Tom Waits fan, but it sounds like she did her best to give him credit and she
obviously admires him. Idk. Maybe I'm just an amateur and everybody else has better eardrums. It seems like
she walked into this and there was nothing she could do BUT get hate.


3.5 greattinpanalley78 | January 8th 09

I really like this album. I think it has a very nice, dreamy tone that sounds right for the songs. As far as Johannsson not being a good singer... That may be true, but who cares?
I don't think this album's purpose is to compare Johansson to Mariah Carey... I think her voice fits perfectly with the instrumental vibe and Tom Waits' songs.


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2.0 poorNick Butler EMERITUS | May 20th 08

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