A Black Rose Burial   An Awakening of Revenants EP
Release Date: 2007

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4.0 excellentstevexmcarthur | July 2nd 10

this is one of the heavier bands i first got into and i just remember driving around in the summer and just bumping in the graveyard of broken gears

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4.0 excellentanachronisticanarchy | January 24th 15

Combining forth elements found within Deathcore, Industrial, and a minuscule abundance of grindcore, A Black Rose Burial, without any form of doubt, hast crafted forth an extremely unorthodox, eclectic, and proficient Deathcore album. Its detriments, what little may be present, would perhaps be its auditory sampling, which may be perceived as being relatively juvenile within particular portions of the album.


3.5 greatMicah-Nahum Ferguson is reading again. | March 25th 14

If you're into constant oddly-metered breakdowns, goofy samples, and genuinely cool synth work, then I have an album for you! What this album lacks in focus, it makes up for in sheer entertainment and a surprising amount of talent.


3.5 greatEugene Kamrass | March 10th 14

Man, this is definitely one of the more weird and random albums I have heard. It just
combines so many genres of music, which are deathcore, grind, ambient, and even a little
jazz. Now one criticism of the album is that the band uses sound clips sometimes at wrong
times and it can ruin the mood of the music or just feel too random. Really interesting
experimental album here!


3.5 greatRaja Ram | October 13th 09

Some good experimental techdeath right here. On the contrary to the other two sound offs, I actually quite enjoy the vocals. The ambient songs on here can be nice as well.


2.0 pooryapper1200 | July 30th 09

The music part is quite good in my opinion. but this band over does the clips and sound effects and it doesn't go with the rest of the sound.
That overall makes the album hard to listen to


2.0 poorPiglet G. Taylor | July 23rd 09

weird random shit, basically.
The vocals are especially hideous and perhaps the worse I've heard. It's all done in fast, upbeat motion but that's what makes it horrificly untalented. However it is strangely catchy but that speaks nothing for the musicmanship.


5.0 classicmagicuba | January 23rd 15
2.5 averageHis Whorely Eminence Supreme Godhead Lord Gypsy Owlman | December 13th 14
4.0 excellentReAnimator | May 20th 14
3.0 gooddre517 | November 26th 13
4.0 excellentDave Beans | September 19th 12
4.0 excellentRevenantBlue | May 8th 12
3.0 goodJJwins | September 20th 11
3.5 greatDavid Dorado | July 27th 11
3.0 goodBlaze Wilson | June 30th 11
4.0 excellent7kthulu | June 29th 11
3.5 greatSilas Barkley | June 20th 11
3.0 goodStatrick Pickles | May 1st 11
4.5 superbHugh G Rection | February 20th 11
3.0 goodlostatsea88 | June 18th 10
4.5 superbRegen McCracken | March 24th 10
3.5 greatBrenguin | March 24th 10
2.5 averageHunter Ramirez | January 31st 10
2.5 averageUnknown Amongst Sputnik | January 20th 10
2.0 poorFeralMemories | January 18th 10
3.5 greatJohn K | December 27th 09
4.0 excellenthipnotoad | December 12th 09
4.5 superbKevHals | November 11th 09
3.0 goodcrysis890 | August 13th 09
3.5 greatXNoMercyX | July 30th 09
2.5 averageFigNewtns | July 12th 09
4.0 excellentBlackRoseBurial | June 15th 09
1.0 awfulthatguy | May 10th 09
3.5 greatjustinsbeenshot | August 22nd 08
2.5 averageboristhebladexx | July 6th 08
5.0 classicABalefulAura | May 10th 08
3.0 goodDavid Witten | March 19th 08
4.5 superbAbyssalCreation | January 2nd 08
3.5 greatBrandon Burton | December 27th 07
4.5 superbimn602 | November 16th 07
4.0 excellentiamrockzorz | October 8th 07

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