Sorority Noise   It Kindly Stopped for Me
Release Date: 2016

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3.5 greatTheManMachine | June 12th 16

Resolutely depressive pop-punkers deliver a diminutive followup to last year's bipolar vice-and-anxiety-fueled magnum-opus; gutting the punk, the pop, most of the band, and any temperament that's not mournful. The resultant stripped-down hush-fest reads as a wearied breather aftermath from the high-strung oscillations of Joy, Departed; and under the scant guise of principally acoustic plucks+lonesome piano, the palpability of frontman Cameron Boucher's downtrodden despondence is endearing-going-on-excruciating. Begins on what seems like a hopeful fresh-start note, which lasts all of two minutes: then friends die, "A Will" is as funereal as it implies, Boucher drunkenly tramps through the woods and can't bare/bother to keep a tune; poor guy even fucks up his hoodie and rips through his hypothetically black jeans in the process.


4.0 excellentAlabaster Jones | April 25th 16

Losing someone you love is never easy, no matter how much time passes. For the members of Sorority Noise, the loss of more friends than they can count on one hand, all within the time after last year's sophomore LP was released, results in a grief-stricken, highly saddening EP that is also a stylistic change for the band. Rather than the emo-tinged pop-punk of records past, If Kindly Stopped For Me is a delicate acoustic guitar driven record. Vocalist Cameron Boucher is absolutely heartbreaking, with the melodies and songwriting all being heartfelt and uneasy. There was a line from a review of this EP that said "if Boucher wasn't drunk while recording this, he's an excellent actor", and I couldn't have said it better myself. Though the loss of energy from Joy, Departed to It Kindly Stopped For Me is apparent, it's also completely reasonable and entirely reflective of the turmoil the members have been through during the last months.


2.5 averageM W | April 20th 16

Unfortunately, this feels like a regression. The songs just kinda blend into each other and don't offer much. There is some emotion here, but overall the EP falls flat with low energy and basic structure.


3.0 goodadamsee | September 15th 17
3.0 goodRonen | July 10th 17
3.5 greatXander Dake | July 9th 17
2.5 averageVictor Silveira | June 26th 17
3.0 goodJaime Silva | June 13th 17
3.0 goodSam Cowen | April 3rd 17
3.0 goodTyler H. | March 19th 17
3.0 goodnoah0298 | February 18th 17
2.7 averageAtari STAFF | February 17th 17
3.5 greatNic | January 5th 17
2.0 poorcalmrose | December 16th 16
3.5 greatAdamrk | December 16th 16
3.0 goodHangYourHead | November 16th 16
5.0 classicArjuna123yel | November 12th 16
3.0 goodNo joke names, please, or you will have a temporary ban | November 10th 16
4.0 excellentthomasdavidge | October 6th 16
3.0 goodKevinGoldfinger | September 29th 16
3.5 greatBlackGiraffe | September 5th 16
1.0 awfulcrassisdead | July 28th 16
3.0 goodmontekristoo99 | July 11th 16
3.0 goodAaron | July 5th 16
3.5 greatMindsweeper | May 31st 16
2.5 averageformer sputnik's home post-punk maester | May 27th 16
2.0 poorPattBraderson | May 4th 16
2.5 averageellagos | May 4th 16
3.0 goodSaturdayNightWrist1 | May 2nd 16
3.0 goodeloimayano | April 26th 16
3.0 goodEast Hastings | April 25th 16
4.5 superbfdrc | April 24th 16
4.0 excellentUsheen Coleman | April 22nd 16
3.0 goodanobsoletevernacular | April 22nd 16
3.5 greatjustanothername | April 20th 16
2.5 averageGerbilman | April 19th 16

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