I See Stars   Phases
Release Date: 08/2015

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2.0 poorZachery S. Cotto | August 29th 15

It was alright when Jamie's Elsewhere did it. It was great when Hands Like Houses did it. Emarosa
did it solidly. It kinda worked for Issues, but this is where I draw the line. This trend of post-
hardcore bands re-releasing their previous songs as "artsy" acoustic songs is starting to get a
little old. Especially when it comes from a band like ISS, who really have never tried to, nor
made any indication of taking their music in this direction.

The weird and layered sing/scream and electronic/heavy transition based song structure that they
are most famous for doesn't translate well into traditional song organization and mostly feels
lacking and empty because of the lack of that dynamic that the song was originally built on. Aside
from a couple of songs that were originally designed with traditional structure in mind (i.e.
Glow, What this Means to Me) that holds true throughout the entire album. To put it bluntly, Post-
Hardcore music that's derivative of the genericore structures doesn't translate well to pop, at

Also, let's just throw in a couple of random covers because why not. Fans of the band will
probably like this purely out of nostalgia and the fact that it's ISS. Outside of that I don't see
a reason for most people to want to listen to this.

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1.5 very poorHavoren94 | May 18th 16

What a waste, I See Stars should have NEVER made something as much of a piece of garbage as this. Anyone who thinks this is a great "acoustic" album is either a scene kid, a mentally handicapped patient, or both.


1.5 very poorNo joke names, please, or you will have a temporary ban | September 15th 15

Completely unnecessary cash generator. Fans will eat it up, but none of these songs (save possibly the new version of Murder Mitten) hold any appeal or intelligence to them.


4.5 superbFloris | June 25th 17
2.0 poorZombieParty | May 14th 17
2.5 averageKevin Bastien | April 4th 17
4.0 excellentVildhjarta96 | March 23rd 17
3.0 goodShamus248 | December 1st 16
4.0 excellentAndroidEvian | November 13th 16
2.5 averageericksonnat | September 26th 16
1.5 very poorTheSleepys | June 8th 16
3.5 greatDalton DuBois | May 14th 16
3.5 greatASnideReturnsReturns | April 6th 16
3.5 greatJaime Silva | April 3rd 16
4.0 excellentfrying pan of destiny | March 14th 16
2.0 poorambiance762 | February 28th 16
3.5 greatLosProfetas | February 25th 16
3.5 greatI'm not relevant enough to be made fun of | December 31st 15
3.0 goodParkersCannon | December 31st 15
2.5 averagescreamer2290 | November 27th 15
2.0 poorMindsweeper | November 8th 15
3.5 greatDalton DuBois | November 1st 15
3.5 greatKyleAndrews12 | October 29th 15
3.5 greatRemedyForLove | October 20th 15
4.5 superbSeraph | October 19th 15
2.5 averageshmowzow | October 19th 15
3.5 greatsin69 | October 11th 15
2.5 averageTaylor Williams | September 25th 15
4.0 excellentquik40 | September 17th 15
4.0 excellentziyaadalawie | September 11th 15
3.5 greatJarred Gandel | August 30th 15
3.0 goodKerimLuca | August 28th 15

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