Porno For Pyros   Good God's Urge
Release Date: 1996

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4.0 excellentMatt Sullivan | June 6th 13

Listened to this today for the first time in almost ten years. Nostalgia'd hard. Basically this is Jane's Addiction with some proggy, psychedelic, folky moments sprinkled in, if that makes any sense. Still, this is better than any post-2000 Jane's material...


4.0 excellentArchibald C. Burke | January 2nd 10

Good God's Urge would cement this band's sound and further distance them from merely a spin-off of Janes Addiction. With a style that meshed the bugeoning 90's alternative sound with touches of prog and an ultimately experimental approach to song-writing. Building off their unique approach to the 90's scene, it's unfortunate that Good God's Urge was the last we'd hear from this band. Definitely not an album to let fly under your radar.


3.5 greatelbrando | August 8th 07

I'm pretty ambivalent about Jane's Addiction and the other PFP album, but Good God's Urge is great. Most of the songs are related to the sea somehow, or at least feel like they are. Listening to it reminds me of being on a surfboard, the constant rhythm of the waves, sometimes gentle and reflective, other times uncontrollable and dangerous. Porpoise Head is an atmospheric, underwater sounding song. 100 Ways and Kimberly Austin are gentle but interesting love songs. Tahitian Moon and Good God's:/Urge! are both great, much more urgent, and fairly unique sounding. Bali Eyes is very trippy but cool. Flea busts out some nice bass on Freeway, overall it's a pretty good track. I like Wishing Well somewhat. Dogs Rule The Night and Thick Of It All don't do much for me, but they're ok. Overall, 5 or so great tracks and a handful of good ones, no total duds. It has an awesome vibe and some interesting playing. Highly recommend it.


3.5 greatmrfixit | November 3rd 15
1.0 awfulrovert620 | September 13th 15
3.0 goodDoofusWainwright | April 6th 15
4.5 superbLouis Le Douche | December 9th 14
3.5 greattef | September 10th 14
4.0 excellentAndreasFlea | August 29th 14
4.0 excellentjoesephed | May 11th 14
3.5 greatyourgodisinferior | February 9th 14
3.0 goodJoe Harman | May 15th 13
1.5 very poorDarinRG | May 12th 13
3.0 goodDraven65 | May 9th 13
3.5 greatTWIGtheWONDERKID | May 6th 13
5.0 classicolddirtydoggy | March 8th 13
4.0 excellentfg89 | March 5th 13
3.5 greattoadfrizzles | August 29th 12
3.0 goodRobbaqPL | February 19th 12
3.0 goodthedowners | May 19th 11
3.5 greatManiac!s Main. (Broba Feiticeira) | May 21st 10
3.5 greatPlanetshhhh | November 22nd 09
3.5 greatbiakaba | October 22nd 09
2.5 averagesblount | October 13th 09
4.0 excellentVegeta of Nazareth | September 1st 09
4.0 excellentkygermo | January 2nd 09
4.0 excellentHenry8 | December 18th 08
4.0 excellentweepingwillowdown | August 19th 08
3.5 greatcpd38 | September 11th 07
3.0 goodwalterbailey
3.0 goodSpittingVenom

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