Company Flow   Little Johnny From the Hospitul
Release Date: 1999

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4.0 excellentAlabaster Jones | March 31st 17

It seems that the only Company Flow album anyone mentions is Funchrusher Plus. While that record is a landmark in the underground and a very influential piece of work, it remains peculiar that many don't even know Little Johnny From The Hospitul: Breaks And Instrumentals Vol. 1 exists. It's unfortunate, as this carefully crafted instrumental hip-hop record is almost as good as it's predecessor. El-P handles all of the production, save for some tinkering here or there by Mr. Len, and it's unsurprisingly creative and forward-thinking. The futuristic sounds present on Funcrusher Plus are heard in droves, with synth lines and drum patterns mixing in with organically sampled instrumentation to create something that must've sounded somewhat alien at the turn of the century. Take the one-two punch of "Shadows Drown" and "Worker Ant Uprise" as an example if you're not convinced. It's an underrated work, but if you're a fan of El-P's production skills, this should not and cannot be missed.


3.5 greatCharlesBronson209 | February 19th 17
3.5 greatgriff | November 17th 16
3.0 goodLopezian | October 21st 16
3.0 goodHarlequinRolodex | June 20th 16
3.5 greatYotimi | November 8th 15
3.0 gooddeezer666 | August 31st 15
2.0 poorJordan Hageman | March 16th 15
3.3 greatDeviant STAFF | January 11th 15
1.5 very poorRobert Christgau | October 16th 14
2.5 averageJordanHageman13 | August 20th 14
3.5 greatHis Whorely Eminence Supreme Godhead Lord Gypsy Owlman | April 5th 14
3.5 greatSithese | February 23rd 14
3.5 greatAirStampede | September 7th 13
3.0 goodMatski | July 26th 13
3.5 greatTrimtabRecords | December 26th 12
3.0 goodKDouglas | November 15th 11
3.0 goodAustin Newell | November 5th 11
3.0 goodThe Soft Wars: 2006-2017 | January 5th 11
3.0 goodA28 | August 7th 10
4.0 excellenttadowmusic | July 24th 10
3.0 goodpride | November 30th 09
3.5 greatsinnersparadice | January 30th 09

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