Airospace   戦場ヶ原 ひたぎ [vol. II]
Release Date: 2013

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4.5 superbWilliam Lim | October 3rd 13

Album Rating: 4.8

Airospace is another of the anime obsessed, enigmatic artists whose work is buried deep within the unfathomable archive that is Bandcamp, and he happens to have released the best hip hop tape of the year in the form of Senjougahara Hitagi [vol. II], named for the Bakemonogatari cover seductress. Quite simply, it's extremely unhinged (in both flow and production), and from this yields a series of dark, masterful, labyrinthine verses attached to mysterious, eclectic, and positively nuts beats. But, far from being driven by aggression or shock value like Death Grips or Tyler, the Creator, the music is unquestionably the most overpowering aspect of Airospace's insane dream in that it's so very easy to get lost in. It's complex, drifting, lush, raw, free-form, surreal, and psychologically scary; rich experimental hip hop that plays like the soundtrack to an uber-arthouse visual anime experiment from the minds of insane, psychopathic versions of Earl Sweatshirt and Flying Lotus. Needless to say, it's fresher than a barrage of my shitty similes and adjectives can describe.

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0.0 Ad block? I have McAfee but...Idk | October 4th 13

swear to god i'm like the most depressive rapper ever *__________________________________*

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4.5 superbnoodleboy | September 24th 14

One of my favorite hip-hop albums I've heard in the last year. One of those albums on bandcamp where i start listening and think to myself, "Who is this? Why have I missed this. He's most likely very famous." Very tightly knit mature album. This unbelievable that Airospace isn't farther into the public eye. And with frequent anime references? Couldn't get better. I see good things in the future for Airospace.


4.5 superbWill Robinson STAFF | October 4th 13

holy shit this is actually really good. reminds me of nujabes a bit


4.0 excellentCurtman1 | March 19th 15
4.0 excellentelbaliem | November 9th 14
4.0 excellentImmortalPaper | October 1st 14
3.5 greatnoahbenham | May 26th 14
3.0 goodethos | May 1st 14
4.5 superbKoybz | April 24th 14
4.5 superbcurtman | February 28th 14
3.5 greatdrewbox | October 9th 13

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