Blacklistt   Blacklistt
Release Date: 2013

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3.2 goodDeviant STAFF | September 26th 13

Aside from that abhorrent intro track (get rid of it, no white boy from NZ has any business whatsoever rapping), Blacklistt is a surprisingly decent album. It relies more heavily on melody than any kind of overt song structure or riffs, which is fine, except that certain songs seem to stall in between the bursts of energy that the group have attempted to perfect for some 10 years now. And when they do follow a pattern, the group seem to lose themselves while attempting to find something to do beyond the standard verse chorus, verse chorus syndrome - it certainly doesn't help that the guitarist relies more on undercurrents than directly leading the songs. Still though, Blindspott (I mean Blacklistt) are back, this time with a real drummer (even though he's now left the band as well), and a DJ who doesn't really do anything except throw a few vinyl scratches into the mix. If I was 14 and this was 10-12 years ago, I'd be happy. Sadly, I'm not, and this is 2013, so this curious time-traveling relic of an album is merely good. Still slightly better than End The Silence though, but the boys are still definitely denying their Hybrid Theory-era Linkin Park obsession and are still firmly entrenched with their love for the Deftones.

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4.5 superbNagatoNeko19 | October 9th 13

My God... This was pure heaven to listen too. Truely a work of art. I love this because of the passion, emotions, spiritual uplift, and badass guitar rythms! They have always been good since the original Blindspott


4.5 superbJohn Key is a Cunt. | September 13th 13

After all dem years of silence, this sure hits the fucking spott.


4.0 excellenttoxiciteque | December 7th 15
3.5 greatcastlesfall | November 9th 14
3.0 goodPhilip Whitehead | October 4th 14
3.5 greatinfernalruin | November 16th 13
4.0 excellentcloakanddagger | September 14th 13

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