Arsonists Get All the Girls   Listen to the Color
Release Date: 2013

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0.0 LightRedFloyd | August 2nd 13

The only advice I give to people these days is this: if you can't listen to color then you sure as hell shouldn't try seeing why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch

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0.0 Hot tamales and they're red hot, yes she got'em for sale! | August 8th 13

you guys are fucking kidding me, right? right?

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4.0 excellentCrocodile | December 9th 13

This album is so good. AGATG came back real hard with an album that delivers to the fans of their older stuff as well as their most recent stuff. AGATG isn't for everyone which is great because the band isn't there to please everyone either. They're just a bunch of guys doing what they like. This time with twice as much energy. They brought back dual vocals, kept their goofiness and snappy techno parts. IMO one of the only non boring deathcore bands.

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1.5 very poorLambda | August 8th 13

I can appreciate some of the humour on this record ("Balloon Battle" in particular is hilariously awesome), but overall Listen to the Color comes off as unfocused and most of the heavy parts (which make up the majority of the album) blur together. Also, I don't like the second vocalist. He sounds like a somewhat better version of the guy from Longshot, but in this case 'somewhat better' still means 'somewhat annoying.' 1.7

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2.5 averageRoundOnEndHiInMiddle | September 27th 14

The first self-released record by experimental deathcore band Arsonists Get All The Girls is their most grind-influenced release, but is also their most unvaried. Many of the shorter songs bleed together and sound very similar, and the electronics that the band is famous for are at a creative low here, despite the all-electronic "Balloon Battle". Still, the album does have some bright spots in "Watchers" and "MK DELTA: Glorified Killers", which are coincidentally the two longest songs on the record. The return of Remi Rodburg is a decent touch, but his vocals have become rougher since The Game Of Life. The song remains the same, though: if you like Arsonists Get All The Girls in all of their off-kilter humor, you'll like this record. If you don't like Arsonists Get All The Girls, you will have a hard time getting into this.r


3.5 greatSoundoffs are my business... and business is good! | September 4th 14

Up until now, I never really bothered to hear any of this band's material. Let's just say I have my reasons which will go unanswered. The Santa Cruz, California act Arsonists Get All the Girls issued an album in 2013 entitled Listen to the Color... I don't get it either, but anyway! This record astonished me, in that it was actually not too shabby. The vocals certainly take some time to accept, though you'd only be saying such a thing if you weren't with these boys at the very beginning - and hey, Remi Rodberg compliments AGATG's sound. Essentially put, Listen to the Color is a feverish offering which contains lovable dorkiness and a few surprisingly tamer moments above all else.


5.0 classicharrison96 | September 2nd 14

Remy is the tiny tim of unclean vocals his spastic delivery is what makes AGATG such a great unique band as much as everyone loved portals this album symbolizes the acid hallucinating zaniness that is arsonists get all the girls


0.0 DarknessPrevails | May 6th 14

An absolutely crazy album that blends grind, deathcore, and experimental metal perfectly together. One of the most memorable releases of 2013.


0.0 JimFear | February 22nd 14

This album is pretty fucking tasty. It sounds like old AGATG but fresh and focused at the same time. Nothing sounds disjointed. The only thing is I want to know who provided the insane vocal delivery.


3.5 greatDJD1ed | December 18th 13

Wow, I have never seen a band go back to the exact same way they were after changing it up like they did on the two previous albums. This album sounds exactly like The Game of Life.


2.5 averageSeraph | December 2nd 13

kinda cool, but not as great as their last three. sad development for them, dunno.


3.5 greatbeezay | August 9th 13

Not bad. I thoroughly enjoyed Cameron Reed (high-screams) back in the songs. Reminds me of the good ol' The Game of Life days.


4.5 superbxMETALHEDx | August 7th 13

Totally blown away by this! Cant stop listening to it! Woulda gave it a perfect but it is really short.


0.0 Jordan Cable | August 6th 13

The only advice I give to people these days is this: if you can listen to colors, then you should probably consider time travel. you won't regret it.


3.5 greatComatorium. | August 3rd 13

This album is fucking lethal. And weird as fuck. The dual vocal attack is what AGATG has been lacking all these
years and the quirky electronic and jazz breaks are in full disjointed force here, which for this album is a
compliment of the highest order.


0.0 Grinddestroyer | August 2nd 13

The only advice I give to people these days is this: if you can listen to colors, then you should probably take up music as a career. You might possibly become a famous musician like many other synesthete.


0.0 NightmareCinema16 | August 2nd 13

The only advice I give to people these days is this: if you can listen to colors, then you should probably see a doctor. Or you're the reincarnation of Syd Barrett.


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5.0 classicDancingKorpse | August 2nd 13
1.0 awfulRadovichhh | August 1st 13
4.5 superbdbizzles | August 1st 13
5.0 classicbrunch | August 1st 13
5.0 classicxdarkeyesoldierx | August 1st 13

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