Into It. Over It. Intersections
3.7 Release Date: 2013

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4.0 excellentWilliam Lim | September 19th 13

Album Rating: 4.1

With Intersections, Evan's finally over it (lel). He's broken out of the box of the so-called "emo revival" scene that--though recognising him as a unique, innovative, and dedicated musical character--lumped him together with a hell of a lot of admittedly disposable bands. What's on Intersections, however, is the encapsulation of the style that is the soul of Evan's music as it was on all his past works placed into a very strange, very free collection of songs. But there's one defining truth that eventually becomes evident about every single track on Intersections: Evan has never been more heartfelt. "I caught a chill / when the newsprint said the gunman was 19" was what first caught my ear, and likewise, it sent a chill down my spine immediately. There's so much here, from heartwrenching lyrics to weird instruments; from woah-ohs to feedback; everything from the "do you know my name?" on "New North Side Air" to the hazy collage of vocal lines on "Contractual Obligation" is perhaps bigger, louder, and more beautiful than anything we've ever heard from Evan, but, more than anything, it's Mr. Weiss creating an eclectic instrumental backdrop for his most sincere, evocative performance yet. And, with time, I realised it worked extraordinarily well: Intersections is one of the richest, most ambitious releases to emerge from emo in a while, rolling out a tapestry for the rest of Evan's career as if to herald the musical unpredictability that we're probably in for with the future of Into It. Over It.

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3.0 goodandrianoc | October 8th 13

The production on the album really wears it down.. Weiss had some great ideas but I feel like he was trying to lean more towards an Owen project than just doing what he did on Proper. Proper > Intersections... sorry Weiss

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4.0 excellentapernot | September 22nd 13

"Intersections" branches out past punk-riff-driven tracks into meandering, compelling
story-telling without ever losing Evan Weiss?s characteristic sound. The newest offering
from Into It. Over It. bears an uncanny resemblance to Evan's previous work, while still
presenting a new perspective of contemplative canon. Previously, while most tracks got in,
made their point, and got out, Intersections sticks around for a bit, immersing you before
the introduction of a new theme. This is where this album truly shines. The master wordsmith
crafts yet another juggernaut of clever lyrics that not only move, but transport the
listener to the scenes he has created and retold; those lyrics that can only be matched by
the layered accompaniment barrage of intricate fretwork. Just as the fingerpicking shrouded
in piano begins drawing parallels with Mike Kinsella's "Ghost Town" (which is far from an
insult), we are pulled back into familiar Weiss territory with shimmering distortion and
structured, dynamic, kinesthetic leads. While containing more tranquility and reflection
than angst, there is certainly enough audio feedback and "Wooooaaaaaooooohhhhh"s to remind
that this is an IIOI record. This is the PROPER way to write an album.

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0.0 nylertickel2 | February 5th 14

This leans more toward an emo sound and it works so much more than the pop punk sound of Proper. Easily one of my albums of the year


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3.0 goodRobert Lowe CONTRIBUTOR | September 21st 13
4.0 excellentAaron | September 19th 13
4.0 excellentTravis Marmon | September 18th 13

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