BT   A Song Across Wires
Release Date: 2013

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2.3 averageDeviant STAFF | September 1st 13

Why is 'Skylarking' so short? And what the hell is with this album anyway? And... who the hell am I talking to right now?

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3.0 goodEl. Psy. Congroo. | April 27th 14

If you're going to listen to this album, it needs to be the Original Mix version, which has only one song that runs under six
minutes long.

This is BT once again showing his EDM side, and it takes after albums like 'These Hopeful Machines' and 'Movement In Still Life',
as opposed to 'This Binary Universe' and 'If The Stars Are Eternal...'. The thing is, all but two songs have features, so it's
almost like an album full of BT's versions of other people's music. The results are a mixed bag, to say the least--some songs,
like "Must Be The Love" and "Tomahawk," are excellent additions to BT's song catalogue, while "Letting Go" and "City Life" don't
work out quite as well. The best songs, "Skylarking" and "Vervoeren," are pure BT.As a whole, the album is pretty good as far as
commercialized EDM goes, but BT has much better albums even in that vein.

If you're trying to find out what the hype behind this guy is all about, this probably isn't the best place to start.


2.5 averageWill EMERITUS | August 30th 13

Not nearly as bad as I was expecting from the teaser for "Letting Go," one of the worst songs on the album. I mean, it's still BT, and it's still beautifully produced, but at this point in the "EDM craze" all this stuff has kinda been done before, y'know?


0.0 Eloriaz | August 16th 13

I am genuinely disappointed by this album. And I'm the kind of guy who 4.5s and 5s A LOT of
things. You could say I rate on impulse. A Song Across Wires sounds like an LP solely
made to appeal to the so-called "EDM" masses and market. I truly feel a lack of inspiration
and vision on this one, because inspiration and vision are precisely what made Ima
one of the greatest dance albums ever. Some valuable melodies here and there (i.e. on
"Skylarking"), but otherwise - generic beats, generic vocals, uninteresting
sounds and nonexistent atmospheres. For me, biggest let down of the year so far. In
fact, rarely have I been so disappointed by an album - it must be because I freakin'
love Ima and I expected too much.


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2.0 poorExothermicTitan | November 11th 13
4.0 excellentPhragmine | August 29th 13
3.5 greatToSPAZ | June 30th 13

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