Loma Prieta/Raein   Split
Release Date: 2013

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4.0 excellentakimbo | April 23rd 13

raein's song it meh but the loma tracks are killer. i hope this doesn't start a new era for them of 45 second songs though. i miss tracks like worn path and trilogy 1-3

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3.5 greatMicah-Nahum Ferguson is reading again. | April 16th 14

Boy, that Raein song didn't really go anywhere. Oh, well... At least Loma Prieta killed it.


0.0 Ad block? I have McAfee but...Idk | August 5th 13

loma dam


2.5 averageslaythedragon | August 2nd 13

I feel like all this noise and chaos in their recent releases is sort of the opposite of what I love about their music... The best part of 'Fly By Night' isn't the bit at the beginning, it's when the song starts exploding with melody. The best part of the album in general isn't the overwhelming static noise on Trilogy 6, it's 'Uniform' which is one of my all-time favourite songs. Loma are *unbelievably* good at doing a sort of melodic variety of screamo, and tbh if you look at most of the comments below me it seems a lot of people agree with me that Dark Mountain was their best work. I CAN DO noise and chaos, I fucking love Plague Widow, y'know? But it feels like they're kind of missing the point of why people love Loma... anyway, maybe that's just me.


4.0 excellentThane | July 10th 13



4.0 excellentG.M.B. | June 4th 13

Loma Prieta writes 4 minutes of gritty, balls to the wall skramz, while Raein writes three minutes of....well disappointment when compared with the Loma tracks. Perhaps not the best combination of tracks, but the Loma snippets are more than worth your time.


0.0 oltnabrick | May 26th 13

the Loma Prieta tracks are killer. Especially Mansion Fire and the Black Flag cover. the Raein song is ok, i can dig it.


3.5 greati want to mort. | March 13th 15
3.5 greatJoe Harman | January 29th 15
4.0 excellentXingKing | August 19th 14
4.0 excellentSwallowShotguns | August 1st 14
4.0 excellentLiam Whear | February 11th 14
3.5 greatTom | December 21st 13
4.0 excellentKellen Shover | December 9th 13
3.0 goodLiteral Shota Addict | December 2nd 13
2.5 averageSymmetry | November 18th 13
4.0 excellentjash14 | November 1st 13
3.0 goodpalusica | September 7th 13
3.5 greatPrinceoftheDogs | July 5th 13
3.5 greattlhk | June 29th 13
4.0 excellentiwasnvrurbf | June 27th 13
4.0 excellentSunn177 | June 25th 13
3.5 greatPox | June 14th 13
4.0 excellentEaglesBecomeVultures | May 29th 13
3.5 greatthedrunkestlandscape | May 29th 13
3.0 gooddelajetsetradio | May 11th 13
4.0 excellentBlindsided | May 9th 13
3.5 greatWolfCocoon | May 3rd 13
4.0 excellentDeadbeatDankity | May 2nd 13
4.0 excellentAmebix | April 27th 13
4.0 excellentFelixCulpa | April 24th 13
3.5 greatelephantREVOLUTION | April 24th 13
4.0 excellentTravis Marmon | April 22nd 13

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