Aristeia Demoralization Of The Luminary
3.5 Release Date: 2013

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2.5 averageJacquibim CONTRIBUTOR | October 13th 13


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4.0 excellentdixoncocks | January 14th 14

I was really surprised at how tight this is. It riffs super hard but retains a nice structure that just melts over the synth and leads, while still being completely relentless. I was getting sick of this shitriver of spacey/djent bands that either try way to hard, or play it safe with too much downtime. Such a refreshing release with some top notch production as well.


3.5 greatTheMetalLifer | October 3rd 13

Now I was really hyped for this album to come out with a stream or something but due to the label screwing them over it unfortunately added in more time for the wait, but Anyways about the album. It's quite of a difficult album to review since they seemed to have progressed a little backwards but at the same maintaining some good additional sound into it like clean guitar fills with more ambient sound into it. I also have to say that the vocalist's voice has changed for a bit, his high screams have toned down for a little while still keeping the same old low vocals from their previous works. But only like half of the album had some en joyful tracks for some of the songs sounded the same to another from the first portion of the album. Now this in fact isn't a bad album for sure I mean its great but the band just didn't really decide to progress that much further and extend their sound, so far its a solid album picking up from where they left off in Era Of The Omnipotent.

Somniare and Trogdylte are superb tracks though


5.0 classicTywuhh | August 9th 13

Apparently this album hasn't came out yet??rTheir labels been fucking em over.rThe actual song "Demoralization Of The Luminary is kick ass, I love this band, and hope they can release this album ASAP.


3.5 greatBlackDahlia03 | July 26th 14
4.0 excellentsiruleus | July 7th 14
3.0 goodJollyballs5000 | May 29th 14
2.0 poorConfucius | April 20th 14
4.0 excellentthefallen66 | April 17th 14
3.0 gooditsalltherage | March 18th 14
1.5 very poorLunx | February 22nd 14
4.5 superbJoey | February 13th 14
3.5 greatOwMySnauze | January 16th 14
3.0 goodJustin King | January 14th 14
4.0 excellentPiquerist | January 9th 14
3.5 greatSeraph | December 2nd 13
4.0 excellent ^_^ | October 11th 13
4.0 excellentanklbitinmidget | September 30th 13

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