Florida Georgia Line   Here's to the Good Times
very poor
Release Date: 2012

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1.0 awfulScamp4553 | October 5th 13

Howdy, y'all! Have an uncanny desire to have your brain cells taken away, as well as you IQ? I've got the perfect craving for you- Florida Georgia Line's debut Here's To The Good Times. Yes, you heard me right! Filled with lyrics about beer, tractor riding, and kuntry girls, all topped off with that typical fake kuntrey accent, this album is sure to be the cause of unconsciousness for anyone who feels it is best. And I'm sure these two talentless hacks will want to bathe in your money, as well as in some Georgia mud (like all stereotypical kuntrey artists), because you can do anything you want if you're this dumb and this successful. Just look at the album cover for this blank disc. You can tell how fake and lifeless it is! Or, here's what Uncle Scamp recommends instead... take the $10 you saved up all week long, drive to Best Buy, and choose from these albums: Koi No Yokan by Deftones, Disarm the Descent by Killswitch Engage, or anything else that is at least better than decent. Want a better country experience? I recommend to go buy a Brooks and Dunn or Brad Paisley album, and tell this trite album to fuck off. Eventually, this artist will.

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1.0 awfulgriffonman14 | July 4th 13

Poorly made 4 chord generic mainstream country crap directed towards teenage girls. Brings absolutely nothing new to the table and terribly cliched lyrics. Basically made-for-radio music.

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3.0 goodbars | March 13th 16

cruise is the best song ever tbh


3.0 goodTheC00n | September 10th 15

The truth is, Florida Georgia Line probably isn't going to make you kill people, and it most likely isn't going to fund terrorism. But Florida Georgia Line makes you feel fine with being bored. And it's when you're bored that you should be learning some new skill or discovering some new music.


3.0 goodtmagistrelli | April 9th 15

If you're gonna be a douchebag you might as well do it right. Fake, trite, and lifeless, but damn some of these songs are catchy.


0.0 Alkemest | October 29th 14

A 1.8? rFuck that.rThis shitfest will reach a solid 1 at some point.


1.0 awfulw675 | September 4th 14

Can I pleeeeeease 0.0 this? It doesn't deserve a 1


1.0 awfulAndrew Ricci | October 13th 16
1.0 awfulJake Enderby | August 25th 16
2.0 poorShamus248 | August 24th 16
1.0 awfulRyan Hoffman | April 5th 16
1.0 awfulJordan Hageman | April 3rd 16
1.0 awfulTheTransmuted | October 13th 15
1.0 awfulbecomesmusical | September 8th 15
1.0 awfulTyler | June 9th 15
1.0 awfulpres675 | June 3rd 15
1.0 awfulSheriffOfHongKong | May 20th 15
3.0 goodkinnonmaniac | April 7th 15
1.0 awfulmhart8 | February 2nd 15
4.0 excellentNaenia | December 29th 14
1.0 awfulhabster3 | December 2nd 14
1.0 awfulAndrew W. Gold CONTRIBUTOR | November 14th 14
1.0 awfulOranges. CONTRIBUTOR | November 3rd 14
4.0 excellentbain89 | September 17th 14
2.0 poorkrazytom | August 16th 14
1.0 awfulfsufan823 | July 15th 14
1.0 awfuloddyseus | June 3rd 14
1.0 awfulHipFish | February 26th 14
3.0 goodTheFirstTimHurst | February 8th 14
1.0 awfulmortifierftw | December 29th 13
1.5 very poorZach Olson | September 5th 13
3.0 goodNerot | August 9th 13
1.5 very poorClearEyes | August 5th 13
4.0 excellentRoche1613 | July 16th 13
1.5 very poorEpicenter | June 7th 13
3.0 goodZ. Sclafani | April 3rd 13
2.5 averagethe comfort of home | March 21st 13
1.0 awfulEcnalzen | March 20th 13
1.0 awfulCrymsonblaze | March 15th 13

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