Upon This Dawning To Keep Us Safe
2.9 Release Date: 2012

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2.5 averageAskingxMike | October 27th 12

Few great tracks, and multiple impressive moments. The band obviously has potential, you can hear it from time to time within some riffs and choruses. I look forward to seeing how this band improves. If you're looking for the best tracks off the album, I recommend; A New Beginning, All In Your Head, The Path and Vessel.

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2.0 poortitanslayer | August 28th 13

I feel like I've heard every song on this record before...


4.0 excellentnickpinder | March 17th 13

When first listening to this album, it was hard to get into it because it all sounded similar and the style to me
has been beaten to death. The cliche br00tal breakdown, singing "happy" chorus, and synth overlap. After
actually paying attention and getting past the "cliches", this album actually shows potential and represents
the band very well.

The soft ending in "Sons of Venice" and all throughout "All In Your Head" show that the group knows how to
write soft parts and incorporate them into heavy music. The extreme heavy parts in "Vessel", "Nothing Lasts
Forever", "The One and Only", " The Sound of Your Breath", and "The Path" are parts I find to be very very well
written. The combined power of the guitar and drums with the screams give a tremendously heavy and angry
feel, in my opinion.

All in all, a good start to their career and shows that the band has potential to write heavier, and prettier


0.0 ASnideRemark | November 10th 12

Powerful harsh vocals and occasional impressive synthetics unfortunately aren't enough to boost this album above the average mark, being plagued by nasally clean vocals, repetitive song structures and predictable instrumental work. Shines of potential glimmer throughout the album, but other than the first track, none of the songs have any replay appeal.


1.0 awfultimquiros | October 20th 12

This album is laughable. It is so generic and the lyrics are stupid and "teeny" as well. I hope they disband as soon as possible.


5.0 classiczachleonard97 | October 16th 12

I can't remember the last time i was this excited for an albumr


2.0 poorG.M.B. | October 4th 12

It's shit. As I expected it to be.


4.5 superbHirman22 | April 2nd 14
4.5 superbbecomingclolosur | March 28th 14
2.5 averageRawwrrzz | March 24th 14
3.0 good3DGforever | March 11th 14
2.0 poorpurezephyr | March 3rd 14
1.5 very poorC0unterparts | February 19th 14
3.0 goodMosh | February 17th 14
2.0 poorDalton DuBois | February 12th 14
2.0 poorTheFirstTimHurst | January 17th 14
2.5 averageHaon | December 13th 13
3.0 goodWCARcherry | October 26th 13
3.0 goodcerealeatingpegasus | October 12th 13
3.0 goodohtheurgency | October 12th 13
2.0 poormerpmerp | August 28th 13
2.5 averageCaptainMunch | August 24th 13
2.5 averagekakuei | May 15th 13
4.0 excellentAlexisFW | April 10th 13
3.5 greatDavidPrincipe29 | March 25th 13
4.0 excellentGSMC96 | March 2nd 13
1.5 very poorDevastator | February 12th 13
3.5 greatmaskedfoo | January 23rd 13
3.5 greateskimothunder | January 15th 13
3.5 greatTheWorstOfThem0613 | January 9th 13
2.5 averageGloczek | December 19th 12
3.5 greatkizmang | December 18th 12
3.0 goodliekmothstoflames | November 30th 12
2.5 averageburningones92 | November 14th 12
3.0 goodscotthanson8295 | November 12th 12
1.0 awfulChris Higgins | November 10th 12
3.0 goodCory Yuhas | November 9th 12
3.5 greatMarLovP | November 6th 12
3.5 greatsacc87 | October 25th 12
1.5 very poorTooLateToGoBack | October 24th 12
5.0 classicfrigglefraggle | October 22nd 12

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