Asia   XXX
Release Date: 2012

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0.0 MisterTornado | July 5th 12

Where's the asian porn

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4.0 excellentralishrink | September 12th 12

The missing comeback album, bridging the gap between .... uhm .... nearly thirty years ;-)

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4.5 superbXinlo | July 5th 12

It may be a few decades late, but this is a welcome change from what passes as pop these days. Good to know there's still some bands we can count on for decent mainstream sound. Really diggin' most tracks on this album.

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4.0 excellentSabrutin | October 15th 15

30 years into their career, Asia release their best rounded album yet. This album has a lot of
growth power, and can count on great atmosphere with a splendid artwork backing it up. While it's
easy to choose one's least favorite tracks ("Judas" is a safe bet), there aren't any really weak
moments. One of the best AOR albums of recent years, sprinkled with light prog touches. Even the
bonus tracks are good! Speaking of which, unfortunately this is one of those annoying albums where
a bonus track has its place inside the standard tracklist. "Reno (Silver and Gold)" -sitting
between "Judas" and closer "Ghost of a Chance"- was pivotal for my growing appreciation for this
album, because it brought more variety to the platter and felt right at home with the album's


0.0 TenebraeInvictus | July 3rd 12

Classic Asia's still stuck in the 80s, but this is a strong album.


1.0 awfulJordan Hageman | April 4th 16
3.5 greatPeterCologne | March 18th 16
2.0 poorleothelion | October 15th 15
2.0 poorHEROD | September 27th 15
3.0 goodSaintintn | September 14th 15
3.0 goodJed | September 6th 15
2.0 poorTsobanis | August 14th 15
4.5 superbJoolzyBergkamp | October 16th 14
3.0 goodruukie | July 31st 14
3.5 greatIronMarek | May 26th 13
2.0 poorZantera | March 2nd 13
1.0 awfulwhitefinger | February 9th 13
3.5 greatigorvt | December 21st 12
3.5 greattharikleo | December 12th 12
3.5 greatCutMan | September 10th 12
2.5 averageLebren | August 17th 12
3.5 greatthuur1996 | July 27th 12
4.0 excellent32left | July 10th 12

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